Its #jozimeetup time


Our next #jozimeetup is less than a month away and we are very excited about this event!

We have three really awesome speakers line up. Heather has written a little bit more about Natassja and Marcia and what makes them so awesome!

To book a spot you can mail me for more information.

If you are in Cape Town – contact Cindy for more info on their event which is on the same day!

{Week 12} Its my party and I will be happy if I want to!

I think this is the first year that I haven’t posted a proper birthday list or organised a proper celebration of sorts. This whole working thing has thrown me a little to be honest (I see some of you rolling your eyes :-p) so this week I have been eaten up by interviews, sales figures, commission structures and traffic. Oh my the traffic! It has literally sucked the life right out of me.

Anyway today was my birthday.  It was a good day. Lots to be happy about.


It was a reminder that you don’t need expensive gifts in fancy packaging. Handmade signs from your daughter and little cards with reasons why they love you mean more than any gift could ever mean!


There were a few gifts thrown in the mix too but it is the little cards saying I am special because I bring Emma her bottle or because I help them even when I am tired that will stay with me forever.


Tell me three things you are grateful for today?

{Giveaway} 2 Lipton Ice Tea Hampers

Jack loves ice tea. It is what he always chooses when we go out to eat or if we buy cool drinks when we go out. He isn’t too picky about the flavour either. He will drink them all.

Win with Lipton and Harassedmom

Lipton are launching their first combination flavour ice tea – Green Ice Tea Pear & Peach flavoured which is a combination of my favourite things, so I personally am very excited about this.

In celebration of their launch I am giving away two Lipton Hampers valued at R500 each.

Each hamper includes: A bottle umbrella, a waterproof cellphone pouch, a hat, a bag, a set of 2x cocktail glasses, a set of 2 post-it notes with refreshing messages, a cap and of course the new product – Lipton Ice Tea, Green Ice Tea Pear and Peach.

All you have to do to enter this awesome competition is tell your favourite flavour ice tea?

For a bonus entry you can tweet about the competition – just copy and paste this to twitter “I want to win an awesome @LiptonIceTeaSA hamper to celebrate their new Green Ice Tea Pear & Peach flavour with @harassedmom #RefreshingTake”

Competition closes noon on 22 April 2015

Competition is only open to SA residents

Winners will be chosen via

{Tastes on Tuesday} Might Mice

This is the last recipe I am sharing from the Olive Branch Cooking School demo we had at our #momblogmeetup

Tastes on Tuesday Might Mice

4 large potatoes, washed and pricked
200ml cooked savoury mince or 200g can tuna drained
25ml butter
10ml milk
salt and pepper
100ml cheddar or mozzarella cheese grated
See point 5 for making face


1. Preheat the oven to 190°C Place the potatoes onto a baking tray. Bake in the oven for 45minutes to 1 hour.
2. Cool the potatoes, cut in half horizontally.
3. Scoop out flesh and place into a bowl add the butter, milk, salt and pepper and mash well together.
4. Stir in the mince or tuna. Place mixture back into the potato skins and sprinkle with cheese. Bake for a further 15 minutes.
5. Make your mice faces on top of the potato while it cools down enough to be eaten. Use raisins for the eyes, salami for ears, red pepper for mouth, spring onions for whiskers, parsley for hair and anything else you may have

Room Makeover on a Budget

Bedroom Makeover a Budget

I have been promising the kids I would redo their rooms since last year and finally this year I go started. I didn’t really have a huge budget so I had to get creative.

Last year Kiara wanted the room to be orange and pink but this year she decided on turquiose and I am so glad she did it – it really worked out so well.

I made over her chest of drawers to match the colours. I think I need to get white knobs though – the gold are fine but I think white would work better.
Cost: Only cost was the turquoise paint which I used on the walls, we had the white paint.

Budget Room Makeover Chest of Drawers

Their room was very cluttered previously and I really didn’t want to put it all back but she was adamant she wanted it all so I tried adding these suitcases from our wedding as a bedside table and luckily she loved it which meant there was no more space for the book shelves she wanted.
Cost: Two of these are from my mom but the other one I bought at the Hospice shop for our wedding for R10

Bedroom Makeover a Budget

She had a really grubby lamp shade so we decided to give it a little washi tape make over. It came out so well but we do actually need to reglue it – the washi tape doesn’t stick for very long.
Cost: Washi Tape is around R30 a roll and we did use an entire roll

Bedroom Makeover on a Budget

We have a Typo factory shop of sorts nearby, it is so great because EVERYTHING is on special all the time! I pop in often to see what they have and got these lanterns for R50! I thought it was a bargain!
Cost: R50

Bedroom Makeover on a Budget

She already had two of these little mirrors and Shayne bought me an E when Emma was born and I found a K at Typo for R20 I think. So they each have a set like this above their beds on the windowsill.
Cost R20

Bedroom Makeover on a Budget

I painted the walls white, with one wall striped turquiose! It came out SO SO well. I was a bit worried since I have never really tried to paint anything “fancy” but it was pretty easy once David measured the stripes for me!
Cost: Turquoise paint R125 (1l) plus white paint R250 (5L)

Total cost so far R485.

We still have a few more things to do – I am busy with a frame for the white wall but so far it has really come out so well.

Have you done a room makeover before? How did it end up?

{Featured Blogger} Juggling Mom

Cindy came up with this great idea that every month we, as Mommy Bloggers, feature a fellow blogger each month. It is a really great idea and is going to be loads of fun.

This month Tana from Juggling Mom is featuring me and I her.

I actually started reading her a few weeks ago for the first time and she writes really beautiful posts. You can find her by clicking on the badge below.

Featured blogger pin- Juggling Mom

Sunglasses that won’t break if you sit on them!

Cameron wears glasses. His first pair were a nice pair, the second pair were a little more budget than the first but still nice. By the fifth pair we were pretty much buying the 10 pairs for R100 at the Chinese market and getting them to fit his lenses. He is a smart kid but is such a scatterbrain. I say to him daily ‘PICK up your glasses off the floor” or “Emma has your glasses, don’t leave them where she can reach.” If he isn’t leaving them in the path of a toddler impersonating Flash then he is leaving them anywhere he takes them off, gym, soccer, cricket, swimming, friends houses – if he puts them down, he will probably leave them. It is super infuriating because glasses aren’t cheap and he can’t see properly at school without them. He does has contacts which he wears for his sports but this means…..leaving glasses somewhere when he is wearing them.

At our #momblogmeetup we had the ladies from O-V Optics join us. Not only did they give each of us pair of their sunglasses but they also spent some time chatting to us about their sunglasses. Initially I was skeptical – I have avoided sunglasses for Cameron because they aren’t cheap but these sunglasses changed my mind.

Our kids spend a lot of time outside, especially kids like Cameron who do a lot of sports. According to founders of O-V optics Tanya and Zule, “Children have larger pupils and clearer lenses, so more light enters the eyes causing irreversible UV damage. We all make sure our kids have sunscreen on but few of us are making a effort to actually protect their eyes, which is very short sighted.

OV Optics Sunglasses for Kids

O-V Optics have a solution – there Swag or Sport kids sunglasses. Both designs offer 100% UV Protection and are able to bend and twist, making them virtually unbreakable (which I thought was inspired in children’s sunglasses). They are also shatterproof and impact resistant – the lenses are designed to pop out of there is an impact. The sunglasses come in three sizes suitable for children from 4 to 12+. The glasses retail for R400 – R450 which really is pretty affordable and you can purchase them online at the O-V Optics website.

Zule and Tanya are busy trying to get sunglasses to become a part of school uniforms with their Sunglasses at Schools program, which I think is a really great idea.

Do your kids wear sunglasses? Is it something you have thought about?

This was not a sponsored post. I just really like this product!


The forgotten children

Mother’s guilt is always just around the corner. For the most part I try to ignore it and rarely welcome it in because we all are doing the best we can. Sometimes we shout, forget Bakerman day or just don’t have enough money for new shoes, but we all always do try our best, so I don’t see the need for guilt (not even when you hide chocolate so you don’t have to share.

Watching Sport

Watching soccer practise

But sometimes it forces its way in anyway. Last year was one of these moments. As you all know Cameron has been swimming AND we are busy applying for high schools. The end of last year they were training hard for their big gala, there was early morning training, afternoons, Saturdays, racing costumes had to be bought, there was 3 days in Germiston meaning someone had to be with him for those three days. This year it has been all about high schools. We have attended open days, dropped off at scholarship exams, I have been completing forms, writing motivational letters.

While all of this is necessary, it has also meant that the other three have almost become forgotten children. When Kiara asked me recently for ankle weights for dancing I realised it was the 4th time she has asked me for them. We even organised Emma’s first birthday party around swimming timetables. I have been so focused on getting Cameron to where he needs to be that everything and everyone else has sort of had to take a back seat. It isn’t really anyone’s fault and I know it is temporary but the guilt has been strong recently about this.

Playing in the sand

Playing in the sand during a gala

Finding time for four kids is near impossible, we do the best we can but sometimes one kid may take up the lions share of the time, it is just how life works. We are doing the best we can to manage it and now that swimming season takes a bit of a dip and the high school thing is all but sorted, I can focus on the others a little bit more.

Does this happen in your house? Does one kid need more of your time than the other/s? How do you manage it?