I recently received notification that my blog had made the Top 100 Parenting Blogs on the Daily Reviewer.


Apparently my readers nominated me for this. Which really is most awesome. Thank you to whoever the readers were :)

BUT it did make me giggle a little. I dont think I am particularly good at parenting. I am not one of those natural moms and often I think I am very unfair to my kids.

I treat them, most of the time, as little adults. I never did they whole baby talk thing with them, I make allowances for them because they are little but they make their own choices and decisions alot of the time. They are taught to be independant and think for themselves. I dont over react when the fall or when they are sick.

I am also not the most patient person. I yell and shout and am irrational and pretty much all the time some times I dont know what to do.

So if you ask me the things I am good at – parenting wouldnt be one of them.

Not that I dont appreciate this award because I do. I am honoured and really appreciate it alot :)