MILFs and New Friends

I have never particularly liked the term MILF (mothers I’d like to fuck). In a world that does tend to degrade, disrespect and objectify women it seems like another term used to highlight women’s sexuality – but not in a good way.

Despite that, on Saturday I saw a few MILF’s and I say this with complete respect to the women concerned. Maybe I could have said they were beautiful or sexy or whatever but honestly when I saw them MILF is the first thought I had.

These women were moms at the party Cameron went to on Saturday. I had seen the one mom around at after care but the rest were all first time meets. I ended up staying an hour after the party ended just because I was enthralled by these women. They oozed sex appeal, class and beauty BUT they were just like me – who by that time had sweat literally dripping off my brow, no make up on and clothes similar in shape to a black bag. They moaned about their kids, their husbands – all while sipping downing glasses of wine. It was great.

The amount of gold and diamonds they were wearing probably equals my annual salary but not once did any of them come across as pretentious or braggy or “better than me”.

In my attempt to let go of my kids a little(and make new friendships) I really hope I can spend more time with some of these moms through play dates etc – not because they are MILFs but because they look my kinda people, the drink wine, send their kids to aftercare, feed them 2-minute noodles and openly admit that some days it’s just too much!

So do you have any MILFs in your friendship circle :-p


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    This post got me thinking that most of my friends’ kids are grown ups. I don’t have any friends that have kids the same age as mine. I’m now wonder why that is.

    Perhaps its time for me to get out their and MILF it too.

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    Regretfully, most of the mom’s i know are MILFs which does not bode well for my ego… all are really awesome chicks who just happen to be MILFs too though!!!

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    I love hearing about ladies like this that are also kind and fun and normal and not pretentious, it’s a nice surprise to come across. Personally I don’t know many MILFs looking types here but lots of friends just as you described … wine, noodles and admitting defeat!

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    No MILF’s in my circle of friends, we’re all more the no makeup, hair in a ponytail “happy just not to be out with baby vomit on my shoulder” type of mums.

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