What I know for sure this week

  • I must not, ever, attempt to make changes, add things or make my blog better in any way shape or form. It never works and leaves me feeling incredible frustrated and stupid. I wanted the Disqus comments but it’s not working properly so no one is commenting. The like buttons are there but I have to post a post and then add them back or I get an error and they are making my pc freeze :-/
  • Is that sometimes you have just rather get a new oven. If you don’t the old one will just keep breaking and exploding and causing much frustration.
  • The MMR does not mean your kid won’t get German Measles – it also doesn’t mean if they do get it it will be mild. Two of the kids from Cameron’s soccer have just had it – its contagious  weeks before the symptoms appear so now we wait and see if we will get it.
  • Our washing baskets are never ever empty – even with Josephine here every day and doing loads of washing – the baskets are never empty.
  • Hayfever/sinus SUCKS.
  • Security sales men are basically using your fear to make the sale and end up making you more afraid than you were to start with.
  • Jack will vomit all over his clean clothes in the car on the way out.
  • The one time you are really craving a cup of tea will be the day there are no tea bags.
  • You will see the white board marker every day until the day you need it – then it’s gone to black marker holiday camp somewhere.

On a positive note though I also know for sure

  • That I have an amazing fiance.
  • My kids are happy.
  • Jack is doing well.
  • We are having awesome weather.
  • It is nearly time for our December holiday :)

What do you know this week?