Things I know

I actually don’t know much today to be honest. It’s been one of those weeks and I am extremely stressed out – my hair is actually falling out – handfuls of it :-/ It’s upsetting me.

Anyway so here are a bunch of random things I know.

  • Jack is sleeping better and I know this makes a huge difference in my day.
  • I know lunch with my fiance during the week is special.
  • I know there is nothing that beats making it in time to see your son hit a 4 in his cricket match and taking the first wicket of the game.
  • When I get really stressed I read and loose myself in a book – I got through 2 in the last week and am now sorry I never bought 2 more.
  • I am super excited for our trip to Cape Town – right now we have no one fetching us from the airport and no way to get to where we need to be BUT we will be there :-p
  • I need to get to gym more – I know this.
  • I am craving sweets again – this hasn’t happened for months – it is not a good sign.
  • I know I am very glad it is weekend.

What do you know? Join in here.


  1. says

    Wow. That is AWESOME cricket from Cameron. Would DEFINITELY have made me a proud Mom.
    I should make like you when I’m stressed and rather lose myself in a book. I just go online which creates more stress – not for me but for the people I live with.
    And yes, lunch with your other half during the working week is such a sweet pleasure.
    Hope that next week is a bit better for you and that you feel less stressed out.x

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