Hello Jack

I am rather busy at the moment.

Trying to make sure they shop will run when I am in Cape Town.

Trying to make sure we have a car and place to stay in Cape Town.

Trying to make sure the kids are where they need to be.

Trying to make sure the house gets a proper clean before we go.

So there is little time to blog.

So here is Jack! The cutest little thing! There would be more but I didnt have time to re-size more.


How is your week going? Are you ready for your break?

2011 – a challenge

It is always fun looking back at the year that was and digging up old posts from last year this time to see how the previous year went.

2008 I sounded a little flat?

2009 was a good year filled with love πŸ™‚

2010 was an eventful year.

And 2011?

One word – a challenge.

This year I resigned, had a baby, started a business, got engaged, watched my parents pack up and start their retirement many many hours away.

It has not been an easy year but it has been a good year.

There have been a few highlights

  • David proposing
  • Jacks birth
  • Resigning
  • Opening the shop
  • Cameron excelling

The challenges have been many

  • A new baby and all that comes with that – sleepless nights, baby blues, constant attention, pureed food, bottles.
  • A little girl with learning challenges.
  • A new business and the stress associated with that.
  • Almost no support – this one I battled with the most.

I have so much to be grateful for

  • My most awesome man who has been so insanely supportive and just all round incredible.
  • Jack – who is the sweetest baby and even though he isn’t sleeping through he really is such an easy baby.
  • The big kids who are both really good kids and have made me very proud this year.
  • Our beautiful home.
  • Our nanny – without her I would NOT be able to cope.
  • Chantelle who works in the shop and does it so well.
  • My friends – I love you guys.
  • Yoga – it is my de-stress time and is more a necessity than a luxury.

Overall looking back at the year I want to sit down and give a big fat sigh and say “I made it this far.”

As good as its been it has by far been one my more challenging years and it seems those challenges will continue into the new year.

So how has your year been? Are you glad it’s ending?


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