Christmas in Cape Town

I need to blog but I have no words so I shall entertain you with an update in bullet points.

  • We have had the most amazing weather here in the Western Cape. We have had clear and hot days – I have even braved the water a few times.
  • Jack has swum in the sea and loved it.
  • Kiara and Cameron have been tubing on the dam and have loved it. I don’t watch – it freaks me out watching my kids being hurled around by a boat around the dam. They think it is fantastic though.
  • Jack has been the perfect baby – in the DAY! Night times or early mornings are still rough.
  • Our Christmas Eve dinner was nothing short of epic – there was turkey, duck, lamb, gammon and tongue and a few veggies.
  • Our Christmas Day meal was just as epic – there was meat and meat and some more meat with a salad.
  • I received most of the presents on my list – David never disappoints at Christmas or Birthdays :)
  • The kids seemed happy with their gifts – well Cameron did after a bit of a sulk and not getting his mountain bike.
  • It was great spending time with my family – I love them madly but am a little concerned they are all loosing their marbles and fast.
  • David and I did the Robertson wine route – it was the first time either of us have done a wine route – it was fun :) Jack enjoyed it too.
  • We have over indulged EVERY SINGLE day – its rather embarrasing really and I am seriously considering becoming a vegetarian.
  • We have slept in and stayed up late.
  • We have been out on the dam on the boat.
  • We have played 30 seconds and laughed and laughed.

It really has been a really amazing holiday so far.

It has made me more determined to relocate to Cape Town as soon as we can. Our kids are missing out on their family. There cousins are all here. Our family is all here and seeing them once/twice a year really is not enough!!!

I trust you all are having a great time and Father Christmas spoilt you?

Closed for the holidays

I packed my laptop with on our holiday with the intention of blogging daily, working etc with all the free time I would have!


There has been very little free time and it has been GREAT!!!!!

There has been gaps here and there to update twitter via my phone. The laptops were hauled out but have been used to download the 100+ photos I have taken most days.

It has been GREAT!!!

We have played in the sand, shopped, eaten, walked, done a wine route, swam in hot pools and spent loads of time with the family we don’t get to see enough.

It has been GREAT!!!!

Right now Kiara is outside in the howling wind singing her little heart out, Cameron is watching DSTV, David is sleeping, Jack is avoiding sleep and my folks are watching the many series they tape.

It is GREAT!!!!!

We are having such a great time.

I hope you are all having as much fun.

PS – I had to mark my reader as read this morning – it was growing at a rapid rate and I just wont get to it all :(

Jack meets the sea

Can someone PLEASE help me!

I had a crap day yesterday, partly due to my own lack of organisation and leaving everything to the last minute, but also do to the lack of service many companies seem ok with.

Problem 1 – David’s car was broken into on Saturday outside the children’s home. So we call FNB to cancel his cards. The agent very kindly says “Cards will take 2-7 working days” – now this is a problem – we leave for Cape Town in 4 working days. So we try and see if she can make a plan to make sure we get the cards by Thursday – her reply over and over “As I said your cards will take 2-7 working days” – so we heard “We, as FNB, do not care that you need the credit card to hire the car, we have an SLA and will not try and help you”. I have asked Mr Jacobs on twitter to help but he has never successfully been able to assist me – so we shall collect the cards in Worcester next week. THANKS FNB for trying to help!

Which led to Problem 2 – The car hire – they work on credit cards. I don’t have a credit card and David’s is on it’s way to Worcester in 2-7 days. So I call Europcars call centre and they suggest I call the branch we are picking up from. Paula, the manager of the CT Airport branch, was super helpful and they will use my business cheque card. Thank you Paula and the people I spoke to at Europcar.

Problem 3 – My parents photobook which I did through the Picasso programme and QPhoto. I submit and pay online for the book but notice the cover is blank despite it showing on my programme. So I go into QPhoto Woodlands who can’t help me at all because photo books are dealt with at Prolab in Waterkloof. Fine I go there and ask the dude to please check for me – nope he can’t, I must go home and save the downloaded version onto a memory stick and he will then help me. FINE. I go back the next day and chick transfers it onto a CD for me and tells me to collect on 8/12. On 8/12 I get a call from Jason who says…..wait for it…..”Your cover is blank” but it can be fixed he just wants to check there isn’t a duplication and a book already printed (?) he will call me back later that day. No call came so I popped into Woodlands where I asked it to be delivered and hoped it was there. It wasn’t. So back to Prolab – this time 3 kids in tow. 40 minutes later we discover there is no cover (really? no cover?). So Gerry can see I am about to start throwing things so steps in and promises me the book will be ready by Thursday despite me suggesting he check first what needs to be done. Anyway turns out the book isn’t printed yet and Jason says I can come collect late Thursday or Saturday. At this point Kiara is counting LOUDLY “8756 minutes 8757 minutes 8758 minutes” and I can hear Jack shouting at Cameron in the car (which had windows open and was right outside the shop). Gerry looks kinda panicked now because he didn’t realise the book hadn’t been printed at all. But assures me I will have it by Thursday! Today I return to sort the cover issue out. Verdict is still out on whether they get a thumbs up or down.

Problem 4 – We need to be able to connect to the net while in CT. So off I head to MTN on Wed to get one. Complete the forms etc and they promise a call in 48 hours. So yesterday I popped in (Its next to QPhoto) and asked if they had an answer since its now been 96 hours roughly. Yes it’s been approved but they are waiting for activation – they will call me. Which they do to tell me to please call the call centre (because the MTN store and the MTN call centre are 2 seperate things) and ask them to increase my credit limit (?) – when I ask why she keeps saying “so I can activate your sim” – ok fine – what must I raise it to I ask – R350 she says *sigh* So I call and the call agent says “WHY must you do this” – the more I say “Because YOUR colleague at the store said I must” – the more he said “But it makes no sense we have never done this” – anyway eventually under great duress he raises it for me. Still waiting for sim activation – tomorrow will be 7 days!

Problem 5 – Kiara has a sore tooth, they are on their fathers medical aid and word on the street is it’s a crap medical aid because NOT ONE DENTIST in Pretoria accepts it. I have to pay cash and then claim. When they hear the word ONE CARE they go “OH NO we don’t take that – you are a private patient”. I phoned +- 10 dentists. I did also call the medical aid whose reply to both my calls was “You can go to ANY dentist”. Now paying cash would not normally be such an issue but with JUST the consultation being between R250 – R500 and Christmas being 3 weeks away well it is an issue. So I tell David that we are shopping at the Crazy Store this year and he says “keep trying” – so I call one last doctor and VOILA they will take the medical aid. BUT the conversation that ensued was nothing short of epic.I say “Our med aid is Nedbank OneCare – do you accept” – reception says “ONE DAY med aid?” – Me “No – ONE CARE” – Her “Ok hold on” and yells to someone “Aanvaar ons ONE DAY MEDICAL AID” – SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I try spell De Klerk – she goes BE – I go NO D for DOG – she says oh B soos in bee!

So by the time I got home yesterday afternoon I was rather disillusioned with the world.

If you did manage to read all of that rambling then THANK YOU!

Thank you

We held our Charity Christmas Party at Ikholwa on Saturday.

It all went down so so so well.

The kids had a ball.

Bumpy Jumpy sponsored a jumping castle which was, as they always are, a hit. BIG thanks to you guys for the sponsor ship.

Duo Sapphire provided an amazing magician who literally pulled a rabit out of a hat and made the kids laugh. THANK YOU.

And then to everyone who donated money, gifts and food – THANK YOU.


I hope that is everyone :)

We weren’t allowed to take pictures of the kids unfortunately but they had fun and all said thank you.

So again thank you everyone who took part and helped bring a little sunshine into their lives for a morning :)

Things I know about the end of the year

  • I know that the children feel the end of the year “burn out” as much as us adults do.
  • I know it’s a time people feel unappreciated, unloved and a little “klein-seerig”
  • I know it’s the time where my desk gets piled high with school books the kids have bought home.
  • I know money is always tight.
  • I know as much as it’s nice to re-unite with family – this in itself can cause tension.
  • I know no matter how much sleep you get you are- still tired – physically, emotionally, mentally.
  • I know it still remains my favourite time of the year :)
  • What do you know?