While I was away we had access to DSTV and so the kids and I caught up and I was reminded exactly why we don’t have it.

One of the shows I have watched before is Sister Wives and I think I saw them on Dr Phil or Oprah.

It fascinates me – I think I have actually blogged about this before but I couldn’t find the post.

The concept of a “village” raising the family appeals to me on so many levels – my friend Tash is great with babies and my other friend Ansie is awesome with practical stuff like having the birds and bees talk and teaching kids about life. So the concept, in theory, can work really well.

But sharing a husband? I am not so sure about that whole idea.

These women appear to be ok with it. They all seem close and comfortable when one announces they are pregnant. It appears to work well. But still – sharing a husband?

My love language is quality time so if David starts spending too much time at work I start getting anxious – imagine if I had to share him with work and 3 other women and their many kids? I know I wouldn’t cope with it at all.

Having 3 kids with talk of a 4th and feeling overwhelmed a lot of the time I know having someone around constantly who gets it and can take part of the load would be amazing – as long as they leave my husband alone :-p

What are your thoughts?