Prima Toys turns 45

I was invited to the Prima Toys birthday bash at the Holiday Inn Sandton today.

I am such a rookie when it comes to being invited to these things and get so excited :)

I headed off after a rather crazy morning on the Gautrain to Sandton and then walked (0.7m) to the hotel. They had set the conference rooms up like a kids party complete with balloons, a clown making balloon shapes and animals, a fun photo booth and party hats. It was very funky.

The presentation was all about the toys available for boys and girls as well as the “tech toys” available. I am not going to go through all of them but they included Lalaloopsy, Winx, Bratz, Monsumo to name a few.

The Leapster GS was also mentioned and while I have see the Leapster and Leappads I haven’t really paid much attention to them but after today I may look a little closer when choosing Christmas gifts – they seem like really good educational toys.

The one toy that really got my attention was the Vtech Kidizoom. It is a really cool little camera for kids. Some of the features include

  • Real 1.3 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom
  • Camera includes 3 games
  • 128 MB internal memory stores up to 1000 photos
  • Take photos with funny stamps, borders, or silly photo effects
  • Video recording with sound
  • PC and Mac compatible in mass storage mode–connect to your computer to store and send photos

We got to play around with the toys and I must say that it really is a very cool little toy. I think Kiara would enjoy it more than she would a normal digital camera.


The bonus was the goody bags that each had a Monopoly Millionaire game in. It looks a little more exciting than the traditional monopoly so I was super chuffed to be able to add it to our collection!


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    I have been looking at Leap stuff for Child2 – it does look like a really cool educational toy. I LOVED my Gautrain experience earlier this year.

  2. says

    That camera looks really cool!!
    My boys have been talking about the monsumo toys this week… guess where their pocket money is going?!

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