Monte Casino Club Select Launch

A while ago the PR people from Tsogo Sun started inviting me to various events happening at Monte Casino and on Thursday night I found out why and how I made the list.

The Digital Media Manager for Monte Casino has started a drive to engage bloggers more and he found me and is now engaging me :) I had a super proud moment chatting to him and the PR manager who had nothing but nice things to say about Harassed Mom (it may have been PR talk but I will take it).

Back to the point of Thursday evening. We were invited to the launch of Monte Casino’s new Club Select. In short Club Select was introduced for people who don’t qualify for the Club Prive but would still like a some what exclusive experience.

“We recognised a gap in our gaming offering for people who may not be frequent high stakes gamers, qualifying for our Privé facilities, but who want to play higher than average stakes and be given exclusive and glamorous treatment when they do come and play,” explains Steve Howell, General Manager of Montecasino. “Club Select is for them. It’s separate from the run of tables in the casino and it offers higher gaming stakes with an upmarket gaming table area. It’s also a comfortable conduit for those players who are on their way to becoming Club Privé gamers, offering exclusivity to the upcoming main casino players who have a high average bet.”

The limits in Club Select will be a minimum of R25 on the roulette tables and R100 and R200 minimum on the blackjack tables. Along with the access these players have to the more exclusive area, they will also receive quality brand name complimentary drinks.

Our evening kicked off with welcome drinks and snacks which included the yummiest blue cocktails. We were then divided into teams and then headed off to experience the new Club Select tables and slots first hand. We were the first people to play on the tables. We started off with black jack and out of our team of 7 we had 2 experienced “gamblers” and 5 total rookies but we soon got the hang of it and by the time we got to the roulette tables we were in it to win it. It really was loads of fun. I don’t really enjoy a casino but I can see how the tables especially, can become addictive.

We then headed off to the new touch screen slot machines that have just been bought in and tried our hand there. While still fun, it was no where near as exciting as waiting for the ball to land on a number in roulette. The pink drinks flowed throughout the evening and we really did feel like big spenders ordering what we wanted from the waiters.

After we had played we were treated to a lovely dinner at the Sun Square hotel’s MondoVino Restaurant (with still more pink drinks – I discovered you can never have too many Cosmopolitans).

David and I decided to go back to the casino to spend the complimetary cards we received and we actually won a little bit of cash. We were both so super excited. I suck at the slots and hate watching my money disappear so I cashed out quickly but David was winning so he carried on a bit and managed to win enough to pay for this car service the next day :-p

After that we headed back to our room at the Sun Square Hotel and passed out :) It was such a great evening and we met some really great people.

The next morning we checked out and enjoyed a yummy breakfast at the hotel and then headed back to reality.

Thanks to Monte Casino for hosting us and we look forward to the next awesome event :)

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    Monte Casino is one of my favorite casinos to hang out at. Will get more info about this Club Select for hubby as he is the one who likes to gamble. I like to watch :)
    Wonderful experience you two had.

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