Getting my bake on

I love baking. I always have.

I would much rather bake us a cake every night for dinner than cook a meal.

I have wanted to try icing biscuits for ages now but when I googled it it looked rather complicated with outlines and fill ins and what not but I am getting bored with the food we are supplying for the Pamper Parties so I decided this weekend to try and actually ice a few biscuits and I was so chuffed with how they came out :) Once I started doing it it wasn’t as hard as I thought.

These were the ones I practised on.

And these were the ones for the party :) Aren’t you proud of me?

I had some icing left over so decided to bake a cake and so made this double decker gluten free chocolate cake.

What did you do this weekend?


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    Your biscuits came out gorgeous! In my previous life I also loved to bake! :) I have not made in years!

    Friday night we were home, Saturday Dion bought me a air fryer and a bread machine after I was eyeing out my friend Natasja making gorgeous rolls the other day. :) I am quite excited trying to bake a bread! After that we went to The Pro Shop sale for golf stuff Dion wanted…we had a very lovely lunch there.

    Early Sunday Dion went on conference and my sister and I worked at the Rosebank @rooftopmarket selling Tranquil Body Treats. It was a fun day and we came home to a home cooked meal prepared by Kev.

    Would l♡ve you to visit my blog sometime.


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      Wenchy – Davids aunt has an air fryer and it really looks AMAZING! Eventhough I dont eat bread I would love to bake it – the smell of baking bread is so lovely!!!!

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