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Every time I want to blog about my kids – something they did, something I reacted to  or something that is is going on I hear Rebecca’s voice in my head “how will your kid feel reading this?”

She is very mindful of what she posts about her son and when I am posting something emotional or “serious” – like the drama last week I hear her voice a little louder. I often post anyway but it is more than likely a little watered down.

I have also shared my feelings of blogging about my kids and my ex etc.

It is becoming more and more of an “issue” now because Cameron is online a little more – he has a FB account – he is friends with about 10 people – if that and I monitor it but he does google and he does ask me about blogging and twitter and what not. So I am more aware now that there may come a day (sooner rather than later) when he finds harassedmom.

We will deal with that when it happens though – hopefully there will be no running away, throwing camp cots or beating his chest while he howls to the moon.

This quote was in my FB feed this morning and it was one of Oprahs “light bulb” moments!!!

And  Jen from Your Pregnancy said something on Saturday at the Huggies Momville Launch. (I am quoting her loosely here – I have not graduated to proper media yet with notepad and pen in hand madly scribbling the good bits)

She said something along the lines of “start a blog because someone somewhere needs to hear what you are saying and know they aren’t alone”.

If by blogging about what we are going through helps one mom to not feel hopeless and lost OR to feel “HA! I am at least doing better than her” – then my work here is done.

I really just wanted to share this quote today but don’t like those posts with just quotes so I had to ramble for half the page!!!

I promise there will be more interesting content tomorrow – there shall be a post on Home schooling and why we are seriously considering it!!

How was your weekend???


  1. says

    I have something along these lines marinating in my mind too… maybe I should blog that today.

    Also, can’t wait to hear your homeschooling thoughts.

    And I’m with you – I know I’ve felt less alone reading others and I want people to have that too when they come to my little corner of the internet.

  2. says

    Can’t wait for you post about home schooling, as this is something I’m seriously considering.
    I think that this is a big reason why I don’t blog about my kids and their problems. Because some day they might find what I have written about them. I only share things about them in Closed groups or small groups of people. AND if they do find this some day, I will tell them others might have benefited from what I have shared regarding them and I too needed a place to get support. Whether they would or would not understand, only time will tell.

  3. says

    This is a tough one. I am VERY careful about how I say things. I try to write about MY feelings of the subject. I am finding it quite hard to blog about Child1 but not so much about Child2. Maybe it’s the age thing? Also, I don’t blog about something that is too fresh – I only blogged about the ASD diagnosis two months after we got it – in this way I was able to sort through my feelings in my head first. AND, chances are, if I blog about something about my kids, it’s already been dealt with. I am SUPER careful with how I use my words too because I want them to see love AND honesty and authenticity in my words when they eventually read it.
    ps..I would ABSOLUTELY home school my kids if I could afford to quit my job, School boxes are NOT for beautiful, special kids like ours.

  4. Karen at MomAgain@40 says

    I also always think about my children’s feelings when writing about them! We cannot not do it!
    The homeschooling sounds like a good idea!

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