48 hours

So no one commented on my post from Friday until today – I was considering stopping blogging to be honest – that has never happened to me – well not for many years. I actually may have had a small cry!

ANYWAY there was that show on TV called 24 – it was a cool show – I enjoyed it!

The last 48 hours have sort of felt like that movie!

Yesterday morning David had a race so he was out the door at around 6h30 which was fine. We had to leave at 8h00 so we could watch him finish. Great – no problem – I have this!!! Sort of – my hang over made it a little bit challenging but by 8h15 we were out the door with all kids fed, dressed and 2/3 had brushed teeth – a WIN!

I was told “Race is at Waterfall Park in Midrand babe – gps it” – Great – no problem – I have this – I have WAZE and telmap and Maps on my iPhone! So I punch in Waterfall Park – get there nice and easily except no one else is there and it is no where near Kyalami which it was apparently supposed to be near! So I then type in Waterfall and what do I get? Waterfall Lifestyle, Waterfall Place, Waterfall Village, Waterfall fucking PARADISE. I call David’s mom because she is on her way too but she isn’t answering so I head off in the rough direction I THINK it is. Eventually we see the inflatable end balloon thing! After riding around for 15 minutes we find the right entrance (must say I love these security villages and their cryptic entrances).

There was a lovely play area for the kids so I leave them there and go look for coffee – coffee machine is broken but they can make me a cup for R12 which is great except I only have TEN FUCKING RAND!!!!!!!!!!

Instead of getting upset I go and sit next to the track and watch the cyclists (my mom-in-law had arrived and had the kids under control). Eventually David rides past and is all happy to see me so it made it all kinda worth it. Off he goes for round three. I glance at the time because he has an international flight to catch at 14h00 – it was well after 10h00. He also notices the time and comes back and starts the run – I am standing cheering on – actually I was rather stressed out for him so I was going “BABE STOP checking your mails and RUN!!!!!”

He finishes, we are proud and then we dash off home to get him to the station to get to the airport at 12h00 (if you actually read the above paragraph you will realise this was never going to happen). Drop him at the station and head home with the kids – we decided to pool our cash and get take out and dvd’s – but this was not without drama because when we went home to get Kiara’s cash the neighbours dog had escaped so we had to wait for them to come get her.

Get our take out, get home and kids are watching dvds, Jack is napping and I am pinteresting. BEEP BEEP goes my phone “Missed my flight”! FUCK!

So back I go to fetch him but we decide we want to see where the Pretoria station is so D sends me the street name – WAZE can’t find it, telmap can’t find it but google maps can – so I memorise the directions and off I go! FORTY FIVE MINUTES later I stopped my car at a random ENGEN and called David and said “I am at the Kia – YOU find me” – seriously I drove around and around and around looking for the entrance and could not find it!!!

Get home! Loose my shit about the state of our house – it is ALWAYS so untidy!


David sorts his flight issue out and calls me to please take him back to Hatfield to catch the train – FINE but I was at work and trying to put together invoices for parties and cup cakes, deal with clients making bookings, sorting out what Salome needed to do for the day and putting together a rather complicated order for one of the shops. So off we go. Hugs and love at the station.

Back to work!

12h00 the phone rings and I can hear in his voice he has left something – his yellow fever card! FUCKING GREAT! So mad dash home to find it then to the airport to drop it off and back by 13h30 to fetch kids!!!

Trip their was pretty painless BUT they had closed the road on the other side and the traffic was stopped and backed up for miles and miles. So I ask my dear sweet fiance “what way can I go home to miss that?” – his reply “I don’t know”

Now as much as I love him in that moment I could have reversed my car over his toes and not even looked back!

He eventually says “take the R24” – awesome! So off I go and take the R24 and then punch into telmap – current location to the kids school (I used road names) – the fucking thing wants to take me BACK TO the R21 where all the traffic is! So when I realise this I am in Edenvale somewhere! I just keep driving and by some miracle end up at Greenstone which I recognise and can get home!!!!

Seriously this all happened in less than 48 hours!!!!!

I take solace in the fact that for 3 nights David has to eat Nigerian food – which isn’t the same as my food – even on the nights I burn the rice and the sweet potato!

(I actually left out the whole search for a proof of residence debacle)

Life is special like this isn’t it :))

I am off to cook dinner now, bath the baby, try convince Cameron that a broken TV is not the end of the world and try get Kiara to learn her times tables! Don’t you envy me? You do hey??

How was your weekend???


  1. says

    emmmm, Laura, no I would not want to be in your shoes right now.

    All in 48 hours. That is enough drama to last a life time :-(

    Tell D to bring you back some Nigerian peanuts (or groundnut as it is called there) and plantain chips and a Nigeria outfit as compensation for the drama. I probably would have cried the whole time, seriously

    Maybe it’s time to get a proper GPS (said tongue in cheek), Ask D for one as second compensation. I had this issue with the map on my BB for a long time. On more than one occasion it would be searching for a location or for satelite for 20 to 30 minutes (really if I search for a location, I am usually about to leave the house)

  2. says

    okay I’m EXHAUSTED just reading!

    Thankfully it was not just crazy on my side of the world… :)

    You should tell Cameron he should be lucky he’s not my kid because I don’t allow TV (suddenly he’ll feel very lucky to have you as a mother :))

    Also, rockstar for all those traffic “challenges”

  3. Nats says

    Ok, I did read friday’s blog, sorry I haven’t commented in a while :-) hubby LOVES 24 and your life seems pretty much like mine at the moment…. I have 2 crying toddlers who I am trying to block out so I can comment to you :-) And my hubby is off to Angola this week, was in Nigeria last week… so I somehow know this weekend is going to be just as crazy as yours was…. wishing you a beautiful rest of the week! Love and light

  4. says

    Oh my goodness! I would send you chocolate but I know you don’t eat it. Have a stiff drink Laura…breathe in…breathe out…you made it in one peace.

  5. says

    Sorry Laura, I did read your post and I was catching up on ALL my commenting – just never got to yours yet.

    Your weekend sounds exhausting. I really hope that you have wine in your house. Take a break from the cooking and order in! Or do toasted cheese or something. And I would let the Nanny bath the baby already!

  6. says

    What an exhausted time you all have experienced. Louisa have the best ever advice – breathe in and out, in and out.
    Sorry I only commented yesterday on Friday’s post.

  7. deborah says

    shew what a day! i would have gotten home locked myself away from the kids and just cried! hope the rest of the week improves

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