Today I baked

I worked from home today because I needed to bake a cake for a Pamper Party we have on Thursday and Friday as tomorrow I am in Joburg in the morning.

I had so much fun but was exhausted by this evening and am over pink and hearts :)

The cake is actually a pink rainbow cake – so inside there are 5 layers of different shades of pink – I can’t wait to cut it to see how it game out!!!!

What did you do today?


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    Mmmm…today was odd. I couldn’t get up. I eventually did and got to work. Work was weird. Something is going on – not sure what but quite frankly, the less I know, the better. And I had a meeting with Child1’s teacher. It was good and productive and I felt a bit better afterwards. So now, it’s onwards and upwards. Your baking looks so pretty.

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    you are ROCKING this party stuff babe! well done, I am so proud of you!
    I had a great day!
    did a kick ass turbofire workout..
    Went to margaret roberts herbal center.. omg.. I loved it. really loved it.
    it’s NOT cheap tho, but well worth the visit.
    we must save up and go. it’s only open on a wednesday tho, so maybe the next holidays or something.. it’s soooo pretty there..
    did another turbofire tonight..
    I hurt, lol.
    but it’s a good pain :)
    oh and Kamika brought home her first assessment result for the term.. a D.. 50%.. FEK! off to a good start.. not going to panic yet tho.. just find time to work a little harder o_O

    I’m looking forward to Monday <3

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    Kudos to you! Those look awesome. Tash wanted to bake this eve and i scraped ingredients for 123 biscuits but I think she put too much flour in so I had to rescue with more butter. My hips are crying already. Work wise I ran a workshop today with a cool bunch of ladies and a token guy.

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    Please tell me how can you bake all these and not eat out of it :-)
    Looks too yummy, but guess your health is more important

    Yesterday was busy at work but ended on a good note, went for a step class 😉

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