Is today really over?

Today was one of those days where it gets to 19h00 and you are like “huh is that the time”

The day seemed to be on fast forward for the most part.

We had an early start because I had to be in Joburg by 8h00 for a media event which, if you follow me on twitter, you will know all about and for those who don’t there will be a blog post soon. It was a mad dash back home to re-charge my phone, reply to emails and answer the millions of phone calls, gather all the goodies for the 2 parties we had. Drop everything at the salon, tell Salome what to do and then mad dash to fetch the kids, drop them off and be back at the salon before the clients arrived. We had 2 small parties this afternoon so they went off pretty smoothly with all the girls loving it.

Jack spent the night with his gran so she offered so sort dinner out tonight – which ended up being take out – I am grateful she offered because cooking at 16h30 after a day like today just wasn’t high on my priority list. She also bathed Jack for me which was great.

I had some admin work to catch up on and when I looked again it was after 19h00 and the big kids were asking for their tea so they could go upstairs!!

It really was a good day but also exhausting and my friend Ansie was right when she said to me a while ago “you always seem to be in a rush” – not sure if this is a good thing or not?

How was your Thursday?


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