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When an email arrives in your inbox with an invite to an event that that includes “coffee and chocolate” and an attachment of a very cute looking young man what choice do you have but to say YES I am there!
The 2Bean event was all about coffee and chocolate – even though I can’t eat “normal” chocolate I do LOVE chocolate and my perfect indulgence is a dark slab of Lindt mint or hazelnut and a mug of proper cocoa.

I met Gina there and we did our rounds of the various coffee stations and each grabbed a cup of coffee and then found our seats – we were sharing a table with the DSTV ad execs who were there with their clients. It was probably the most formal event I have been invited too so far – the tables were beautifully decorated and there were about 200 people there.

Jeremy Maggs hosted the panel discussion about coffee and chocolate and where it is going and what not. The two things I found interesting during this discussion was that even good coffee can be made badly. So if you get a bad cup of coffee in a restaurant then you must send it back and complain because it is not about the coffee but basically boils down to bad training so ideally you should also send an email to the coffee supplier. Apparently the bulk of coffee supplied in South Africa is good coffee so there is no reason why you should get a bad cup of coffee.

The second thing was the Fairtrade programme that Cadbury’s are involved with. This is a programme that “ensures better working and living conditions for small scale farmers through fair prices, good labour conditions, community development and looking after our environment.” It also teachers the farming community how to help themselves and in doing so reduces poverty. Next time you buy a chocolate check if it has the “Fairtrade” label on it.

After the panel discussion Callum Hann, runner up of MasterChef Australia Season 2, made a gluten free chocolate cake and entertained us with stories from MasterChef – he really is a very funky young man. What I found fascinating was that the food the judges taste on MasterChef is all stone cold! They taste the food a lot while the chefs are cooking and before they taste the final dish they know who their winner is. Imagine tasting that much cold food?

Of course the goody bags were pretty cool. We each got a bottle of Jacobs coffee and a travel plunger with a packet of House of Coffees coffee – the flavour I got was JAVA Seduction and it really is seductive!!!!! On top of that we each got a Thierry Muegler goody bag of sample fragrances and I think I found a new favourite. I wore AMEN the other night and really really liked it. I don’t often wear perfume and actually only own one fragrance because they tend to irritate me very quickly but I really liked this one. (I am not sure who this fits into the coffee and chocolate thing though).

It really was such an enjoyable morning and the first time I had been to something like this and I got the added bonus of meeting Niki and Bronwyn.

Are you a coffee drinker or a chocolate eater? Or both?


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    That’s a great event to be invited to. Coffee and chocolate is also my favorite. I like how Jeremy gets the word out that there is no such thing as bad coffee but only how bad or good it’s made by the person who makes it.

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    I remember seeing something about this somewhere but I’m just so damned busy trying to keep my head above water lately that it’s hard to find time for anything!
    I feel like I’ve been missing out on lots of things lately.
    But I keep telling myself that things will ease up when I’ve found my feet and worked out a routine that allows me to get to everything… Then maybe I’ll be able to blog more and start getting invited to all these cool events too!
    Glad you had fun – those goodie bags sound great!

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    I love chocolate – but only Cadbury’s :) – and I do drink coffee (only decaf… and I prefer Ricoffy Decaf) but my warm drink of choice is still tea :)

    PS I checked your motherstyle and only small bits of that rang true for me. For you?

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    I don’t do chocolate :)
    had a piece last night and it made me feel awful, not sure why I’d want to put more of that into my body.. lol
    I looove coffee tho, it’s my weakness and something I could not give up. I’ve limited myself to only 2 cups a day tho. hehe!

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    Sounds like a very fun event to attend.

    I like chocolates but not coffee. Not a coffee drinker at all. Find it difficult to understand when people say their day doesn’t really start until they have had their cuppa :-)

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