This mornings post was a pre-posted post written over the weekend – mainly because we had no internet (THANKS TELKOM) but also because I was behind on posting my reviews and feedback posts so needed to get them done!!

I am so very glad that bloggers are starting to get invited to PR events and that we are being asked to review products and places – it means people are starting to realise how important we are :)

Some of you have left comments about not reading blogs that are purely reviews, competitions etc and I totally get that and I really don’t want to become that! It is not what Harassedmom is and is not what I want it to become but the last 2 weeks have seen a few events and reviews so now there are a few more posts about stuff like that than there normally would be!

Life is also pretty busy right now and I actually am battling to get to blogging every day – I am hoping the changes happening in the next 2 weeks will allow me to settle down into a nice routine and be allow me a little more blogging time.

BUT the actual point of this post is my new header – is it no freaking gorgeous!!!!!! My cousin’s daughter designed it for me and I love it – A LOT. It has been something I have wanted to do for years but just never go around to it! So now finally Harassed Mom has it’s very own little logo :)

Also I went to my orthopaedic surgeon today for another check up and he gave me the all clear. He is happy with my progress and never wants to see me again :)

So all in all a good day over here.

How was your Monday?