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This post is slightly over due but better late than never!

I was invited to the Huggies launch of their new website called Momville. The event itself was really lovely. It was held in a beautiful home in Dainfern. Let me just pause here to say that while I respect that the residents of Dainfern like to feel secure, not having their road names on any GPS really is not cool! (Yes, I got lost AGAIN).

There were loads of ladies at the event with too many newborns and not enough wine. Honestly I see a newborn baby and actually start having a small anxiety attack (even on meds). It was great to catch up with mom’s I know and meet a whole lot of new moms in real life who I follow on twitter.

While I am rather hesitant of parenting forums I must say that the Momville site does seem pretty cool. Not only is there the forum where you can ask questions and opinions but there are other cool things like you can actually see where moms are and they said that they would eventually like it to lead to moms in the same areas getting together with the help of twitter – I thought this was really cool. Not everyone lives in Joburg North and while us out of towners don’t mind travelling it would be nice to have access to moms who are closer to me.

It was a great afternoon spent with some awesome mommies promoting a really cool initiative. So if you haven’t already then pop over to Momville and check it out.

All these pictures were from the Huggies facebook page – I am not sure who the photographer was!


  1. mpumie bukula says

    huggiesmomville its great thing especially if you really love your lil one. i would love join this event some other days if theres programmes available especilly with my lil one, he likes to play alone with no children around him and with his mother.

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