So I know I am not a trained professional in anything but Pavlov managed to train a dog to react to a bell.

One would assume then that one should be able to train a child to react? Surely? Doesn’t that make sense? Yes? No?

Well clearly NOT! Either the dog Pavlov used was smarter than my kids or he had more patience than I do or he lied!

Every afternoon just before we eat I say “have you fed the dog” – every day the child whose day it is replies “No I will do it now”

Every afternoon after Jack and Kiara have bathed I say “Cameron please go and bath”

Every afternoon I say “PLEASE take your plates to the kitchen and scrape the food off”

When the don’t do these things there IS a reaction – I get mad!

Is it not the same thing as Pavlov and his obedient dog?

I am so very extremely tired of saying the same thing OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER!

Any ideas on how to get them to actually do the daily stuff without me having to beg and plead? Maybe I should do a proper Pavlov and only give them food when they listen and ring a bell!!!!