This week an opportunity came my way – it was unexpected in an expected kinda way!

Usually I am pretty good with making decisions! I go with my gut, make the decision and move on but for some reason I battled with this one :-/ I went from yes to no to maybe to yes back to no about a million times. David usually helps with these kinds of things but even he didn’t have a clear cut yes or no.

This morning I told him something felt off and eventually after making a list of pros and cons (again) and flipping a coin and listening to that little voice I made the decision. I am at peace with it! It was the best decision for our family.

Then today the kids got their reports – I HATE report day – HATE IT!!!! Cameron’s was good BUT it wasn’t as good as last term – he never made the academic list and he was upset about it. I knew he would never fail and my most standards he got a good report but I stopped fighting him about tests and this is what happened – he felt it first hand! Hopefully he will pull up his socks next term.

Some of the comments really got me questioning our curriculum though. For arts and culture the comment was “is able to make a puppet for a concert” – HUH? Really? That’s all we have for arts and culture? A PUPPET?????

Kiara did well – better than last term – for her it was a good report but it has me totally at a loss. Remember her teacher told me she is being put forward to being kept back? Her average this term was a 4 – a 4 is anything between 50-60% – so she is passing and improving a lot so why would the teacher still say she must repeat? She knew these results when she spoke to me but the way she carried I was expecting all 2′s!!

I have a meeting with some home schooling people on Tuesday and am then going to chat to the teacher one last time and then make a decision.

In closing – my nanny called in sick this morning. She is pregnant and was having pains so went to the clinic – she has been reffered to a specialist on Monday (first day of holidays). I really do hope it is nothing serious. I obviously am now on holiday care duty – I am super glad I have the kind of job where I can work from home or take time off without too much stress.

So that was my week.

How was yours??