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Spar sent me an email saying “good moms get it” – I had to laugh. I think what good moms get is that being a good mom is over rated and actually almost impossible to achieve.

Most of us do know how important it is to at least teach our children how to eat well. We don’t always get it right and I have a fussy 8 year old with sensory issues who only eats certain things and won’t even taste anything that doesn’t look or feel right. But we try. We cook the carrots and the beans and we coax and bribe and threaten and then eventually pour some more wine, grab the chocolate and promise ourselves we will try again tomorrow.

Spar has a range of fresh “soil to store” products called Freshline and I was asked to try it out. I was super excited to try this range out and the vouchers arrived just in time for braai day  So off I headed and stocked up on fruit and veg and the most divine loaf of bread straight out of their oven. Really the smells from their bakery section were amazing. Jack and David finished off half the loaf before I could even get a photo.
Their products are reasonably priced and the quality was really good. We made a yummy green salad and potato salad for the braai and Kiara loved the corn on the cob.

I have said it before that I avoid Spar because they are expensive but there fruit and veg really aren’t and their quality really is very good!!

NOW this review came with an awesome something for you, my readers! I have a R300 Spar voucher to give away.
I have decided to be one of those annoying people that make you do something to actually win!
What I want is the recipe for your quickest, easiest dish!!!! It can be anything – breakfast, lunch or supper – it must just be quick to make 

Leave a comment with your recipe (or if you are feeling lazy – a link to it is fine ).

Apparently there are issues commenting – I don’t know why – when I try it works fine but I will keep trying to fix it. So if you can’t comment please email me – laurakim@journey2joy.co.za

The competition will run up until Friday 5 October 2012.



  1. says

    Ag man, a recipe!? I just wing it and hardly ever use actual recipes! Damn it… ok lemme think. Here’s one which sounds odd, but is DELICIOUS!!! Seriously people come back for more and more. It’s diced cabbge, roasted almond slivers and 2-min noodles and a honey/balsamic dressing. Crunchy and so very yummy! http://www.food24.com/Recipes/Crunchy-cabbage-salad-20101012

  2. says

    A voucher is welcome at any time! 😀

    Egg-pancake recipe: One egg, one tablespoon of bread crumbs and a teaspoon of suger, touch of salt. Bake in pan as you would do with pancake, with a little bit of butter. Delicious on its own, or with cheese, marmite, syrup or honey!

  3. says

    I am a dessert girl, so I will just post a recipe I use to make a dessert from things you would usually already have at home. I would usually do this when I am not in the mood to bake but still want to have something “fancy” for guests.

    I just call it DESSERT: Cocktail cups (or any see through container just makes it look nice and good for individual servings) Ice-cream (very very slightly softened, my favourite is just plain old vanilla), biscuits (anyone you like, my sister likes it best with oreos), chocolate (shavings or chips, usually dark chocolate to cut through some of the sweetness), chopped nuts (any type you like, but it is optional, I usually skip this myself). I layer according to the recipe list ice-cream, biscuits, chocolate, nuts and a little bit more ice cream spead on the top and then finish off with some cocoa powder or chocolate shavings.

    Sorry I know you asked for a proper meal, but I can’t think of anything and I know you probably can’t have this even if you make it.

  4. reluctantmom says

    Step 1: Check Kids are in bed – whether they are asleep or faking is irrelevant.
    Step 2: Fry a packet of bacon bits, add a few handfuls of Rosa tomatoes, fry it so the tomatoes just start to split
    Step 3 : Throw in a packet of mushrooms already chopped up (buy them chopped, do not expend any heroics on this), fry for about 3 minutes.
    Step 4: Add the cooked pasta – tagliatelle pasta ideally + a tub of pesto ….stir —- well or not …. which ever you have time for
    Step 5: Throw into a bowl
    Step 6 : Grate some parmesan over it
    Step 7 : Toddle over to the fridge, pour a LARGE glass of Haute Cabriere Chardonnay-Pinot Noir
    Step 8: Lie on the couch, eat pasta, drink wine,and flip randomly through channels.
    Step 9 : Once done, reach over and eat the Bubbles Chocolate slab you have lying on the lounge table.

    {I sometimes find it is easier to just leave the bottle of wine on the table, saves the long walk to the fridge}

    Kitchen to the couch in under 15 minutes!!

  5. says

    Shazs bean curry:
    Fry onion, garlic, peppers, celery till soft. Add drained and rinsed tinned butter beans and lentils. Add tinned baked beans and tomato and about 1tbs carry powder. Salt and pepper to taste. Cook until thick. Serve with avo, feta, chutney, naan/wraps.
    Yum yum yum yum!

  6. Bernice Le Roux says

    Yoghurt Mousse dessert:
    Packet of flavored yoghurt (your choice)
    Cup boiling water
    400g low fat yoghurt
    Mix jelly with boiling water. Pop in fridge for 20 minutes (may not set) then whisk in the yoghurt till smooth. Pop in Martini glasses and you have a healthy yummy dessert. Before serving top with fresh fruit.

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