Dettol Daily Care

When I was growing up my mom always had a bottle of Dettol in the house and every scrape and scratch got “Dettoled” and then we were sent on our way. She still always has a bottle and actually now uses it to wash the floors with as well.

So Dettol is well known brand in my life and a brand synonymous with cleaning and killing germs.

Trying out their daily care soap was a no-brainer! In short we all love the soap!

I put one in our bathroom for Kiara and Jack to use, one in the shower for the boys and one in the downstairs toilet. Basically I wanted to test it in different environments.

Kiara always leaves the soap in the bath – drives me MENTAL because bars of soap generally go slimy and horrible. This bar doesn’t – yes when I forget to take the water out and do it when I go to bed a few hours later it is a little slimy but nowhere near as bad as other bars. Also she loves – the second night of testing it she announced “I can feel it protecting me” – she is built for advertising that one!

I really like them as well and both boys have given them the thumbs up. They are bigger bars which is also nice as they last longer. Jack tasted it and mushed it up a bit and then had a good chuckle so I am assuming he likes it too :)

Over all, as a family, we give them a thumbs up.

Next time you are shopping I recommend giving this soap a try – really I do! I am not just saying that!!!

Thanks Dettol for sending us the soaps to try out and the awesome gown and boxing gloves :)


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    Being a mom to boys Dettol is a staple in my house and the boys get bathed with a 1/2 cup of Dettol added about once a week. I have never tried the soap – will give that a go.

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