I saw a comment on twitter from a person saying their to do list was finally under 100!?!

I did do a double take and wondered what the hell is on that list? This person has no kids so it all has to be either work stuff or personal stuff?! But what could it all be?

When I do make to do lists they are pretty simple ones – stuff I need to get done right now or before I fetch the kids – I generally loose the list or the notebook so making them longer is pointless but also it would totally demotivate me if I have a to do list of a 100 things.┬áPossibly they are things like “buy bread on the way home” or “put washing on” or “make a cup of tea” – things I do automatically without needing a list.

I suspect if I had to make a proper list of all the things I need to get done in a week it would very likely be close to or even over 100 but really who has time for that? Would it really make my life easier? (Marcia you can’t answer this :-p)

Do you make lists? Do you actually stick to it once you have made it? Do you have a special to do note book?

These photos were taken on Friday at the Monte Casino Bird Gardens – first one he was freaking out because I wouldn’t let him walk onto the “stage” during the show.