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I saw a comment on twitter from a person saying their to do list was finally under 100!?!

I did do a double take and wondered what the hell is on that list? This person has no kids so it all has to be either work stuff or personal stuff?! But what could it all be?

When I do make to do lists they are pretty simple ones – stuff I need to get done right now or before I fetch the kids – I generally loose the list or the notebook so making them longer is pointless but also it would totally demotivate me if I have a to do list of a 100 things. Possibly they are things like “buy bread on the way home” or “put washing on” or “make a cup of tea” – things I do automatically without needing a list.

I suspect if I had to make a proper list of all the things I need to get done in a week it would very likely be close to or even over 100 but really who has time for that? Would it really make my life easier? (Marcia you can’t answer this :-p)

Do you make lists? Do you actually stick to it once you have made it? Do you have a special to do note book?

These photos were taken on Friday at the Monte Casino Bird Gardens – first one he was freaking out because I wouldn’t let him walk onto the “stage” during the show.



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    Poor Jack, I was wondering what you did to him to make him so upset :-) 😉

    I want to believe the 100 things are not for one day or even one week, just seems like too much. I would be distraught if I had such a long list, plus the time it would take to make the list. It must be one of those types you keep adding to as you remember stuff and never cross out as you achieve them :-)

    To your question, I do make lists just to help me remember to get some things done, or for when I am shopping for an item (or items) I don’t buy often so I don’t forget to buy it. Most times, I don’t follow any list to the letter though

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    I always make lists – also generally short term, but NEVER finish them. I have different lists for different things though. Like a home list, a shopping list, a projects list and a to do at some stage soon list – like tax return, visit home affairs (this is the list that never gets finished. I also usually put some stuff that I have already done on my list, just so I can tick some stuff off.

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    Are you kidding? I LOVE lists. I list EVERYTHING. In fact, I carry a notebook and pencil around so I can make a list. I do a big monthly list (mind you I don’t have even close to 100 items on it – I do need to live life sometime!) and then I break it up into a weekly list. Sometimes everything gets done, sometimes not everything gets done. Fact is, if there was no list then NOTHING would get sorted. I usually reward myself when I cross off x amount of items and My DH and I even have a competition to see who ticks the most items off their list. Seriously. Make a list. Make it fun!

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    Aaah, just look at that little face! :-)
    I have a few lists, but I keep them on my phone since I always have that with me. plus it’s easy to edit and take things off as they get done. I have one to-do one, the monthly shopping one that i update as things start to run low or get finished, one want one whish is a wishlist of things I don’t need but still would love having if there was money, and then one with names of people I owe visits to in an attempt to prod myself into action about it. i don’t bother counting all these things, whatever’s at the top has obviously been the priority for the longest so i just focus on that.

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    of course I have lists. I am the queen of making lists :) but the most I’ve ever had on one list is 38 things :)

    wait – my life list had about 60 things on it and I haven’t looked at it for a few years.

    make it fun and it works.

    I have a general notebook i keep with me for all sorts of notes. For my monthly lists, I paste from the blog into a word doc and then format nicely, print that out and keep it on my desk for the whole month.

    PS love his upset face! adorable!!!!

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