Thanks so much for all the comments yesterday :) Seems all I need to do to get you lot to comment is ask random questions.

It would appear I am more “normal” than David thinks :)

I hate wearing shoes so as soon as I get home I kick them off and David hates this. He is forever fighting with Kiara and I to put something on our feet. Apparently tiles are dirtier than carpets in David’s mind? Anyway I win on that one.

I will not put anything in my mouth if I can’t handle the texture – like mango’s – I find them slimy and weird. I don’t eat egg at all any more but when I did I couldn’t stand a runny yellow – I actually can not even cook an egg like that. As much as I love sushi I can’t eat the ones where the salmon/tuna is wrapped around it – it freaks me out totally. Apparently this is not normal – David can eat anything – textures don’t freak him out at all.

The bed time one David wins though. If I had my way I would be asleep by 20h00. Most night it doesn’t happen like that but when David is away then I am in that bed before the kids.

We eat dinner between 17h00 and 18h00 – the kids are starving by that time and so I usually just eat with them and then will sit and chat to David when he eats. He feels it is a little early.

I am all about flexibility with certain rules – some things just aren’t worth the fight.

Of course I expect my kids to pick up after themselves etc BUT I also understand that I need to remind them to do it.

I am so glad I am not the only one who talks to the parking attendants :-p Yesterday I had a wonderful chat to these FBI style lifts at Tuks.

Maybe I will ask some random questions once a week to up my comments :-p

Anyway off topic. Last night I attended a dinner with David. It was a client dinner with his boss, colleague and a client. It was the first time I went with and it was pleasant enough but I find those situations rather overwhelming to be honest. David is a people’s person – it is in his blood. He can strike up random conversation with anybody – me not so much and my knowledge of aviation is rather limited – I certainly can not hold my own in a conversation about flights, plane types, piston engines and what not. The wives last night where all a lot older than me (ok not a lot but old enough) and know a lot more about aviation.

All the men can talk about is aeroplanes but the women did discuss kids, schools and all of that but I still found it slightly over whelming. Being a mom I can do. I can hold my own at Moms and Tots and planning parties and what to cook for dinner but being a “socialite wife” – I am not so sure.

Do you and your partner socialise on a work level – with clients etc? Or does he do it on his own and you on your own?