About two weeks ago I noticed a small rash on Jack’s legs. It started as little bumps – just on his lower legs. They weren’t red and didn’t seem to fuss him much so I left it.

Then it started getting a little more raised and red – not bright red but clearly visible but still didn’t seem to bother him and he was fine. He also developed a nappy rash but it seemed different – like a flat nappy rash (does that make sense) and the two never met – lol – so the nappy one was in the nappy and the leg one from the knees down.

Anyway the rash is STILL there – small raised bumps, slightly red. My mom-in-law has put a variety of creams on but none seem to actually be taking it away – possibly they are keeping it at bay but not removing it. It doesn’t seem itchy at all.

Any ideas? Suggestions?

THEN I have this weird rash on my elbows – its big raised bumps that get insanely itchy. I am putting bum cream on and caladryl – it takes the itch away but also doesn’t seem to be making it better. Any ideas??

And on a more pleasant note – a few pictures from Sundays triathalon – much fun was had. It would appear I turn into some sort of tiger mom/wife at these events. David swims well and in the last triathalon came out with the first lot of swimmers. This time the swim was rough – he still did well but came in a bit later and then couldn’t find his bike in transition – he was standing talking to himself about the whole thing and his bright red Spiderman towel was CLEARLY visible – I actually started running to the side of the transition to shout at him when he noticed it. Really I was getting mad with him for taking so long. Then Cameron’s swim was cancelled due to the current in the dam so he did a run, cycle run and he doesn’t enjoy the run. Anyway he gave it his all but then started walking on the last run – I sent Kiara to go tell him to run and then I actually started heading over to where he was but then took a breathe and walked away. It upsets me. I told them both I was proud of them but I am getting my whip out and they are going to step it up a bit :-/

How was your weekend? How do you handle your kids/partner competing?