Weird rashes

About two weeks ago I noticed a small rash on Jack’s legs. It started as little bumps – just on his lower legs. They weren’t red and didn’t seem to fuss him much so I left it.

Then it started getting a little more raised and red – not bright red but clearly visible but still didn’t seem to bother him and he was fine. He also developed a nappy rash but it seemed different – like a flat nappy rash (does that make sense) and the two never met – lol – so the nappy one was in the nappy and the leg one from the knees down.

Anyway the rash is STILL there – small raised bumps, slightly red. My mom-in-law has put a variety of creams on but none seem to actually be taking it away – possibly they are keeping it at bay but not removing it. It doesn’t seem itchy at all.

Any ideas? Suggestions?

THEN I have this weird rash on my elbows – its big raised bumps that get insanely itchy. I am putting bum cream on and caladryl – it takes the itch away but also doesn’t seem to be making it better. Any ideas??

And on a more pleasant note – a few pictures from Sundays triathalon – much fun was had. It would appear I turn into some sort of tiger mom/wife at these events. David swims well and in the last triathalon came out with the first lot of swimmers. This time the swim was rough – he still did well but came in a bit later and then couldn’t find his bike in transition – he was standing talking to himself about the whole thing and his bright red Spiderman towel was CLEARLY visible – I actually started running to the side of the transition to shout at him when he noticed it. Really I was getting mad with him for taking so long. Then Cameron’s swim was cancelled due to the current in the dam so he did a run, cycle run and he doesn’t enjoy the run. Anyway he gave it his all but then started walking on the last run – I sent Kiara to go tell him to run and then I actually started heading over to where he was but then took a breathe and walked away. It upsets me. I told them both I was proud of them but I am getting my whip out and they are going to step it up a bit :-/

How was your weekend? How do you handle your kids/partner competing?


  1. Rene says

    Both my kids seem to have a rash like that at the moment. I’m not sure if it is because of the warmer weather or if it is eczema (how the hell do you spell that?). Anyway, tried various creams which didn’t help, but letting them bath in rooibos tea, and then making a strong tea, and taking cotton wool and rubbing the tea on the baby seems to have helped for the baby (haven’t tried it on the older one). After the tea I used Epizone cream.

    Another thing I thought might be a reason is that they’ve been eating a lot more fruit, and I thought it could be the acidity of the fruit.

    But the rash doesn’t seem to be bothering them, so I should maybe stop worrying about it. Just scared that it get worse.

  2. says

    no idea about the rash. Connor got one after I used Johnson’s lavender cream. Moved back to aqueous and he’s fine.

    have you changed washing powder/ fabric softener recently?

    I laughed at your tiger mom antics.

    I hope I’m not like that because I’m fiercely competitive…. and I don’t think it’s good for the kids to see crazy marcia :)

  3. says

    Isabel has had a rash on her cheeks for the last couple of weeks and we have been very puzzled. Turns out it is the suntan lotion they use at school, so now I’m hunting for suntan lotion that doesn’t cost a bloody arm and a leg – you know what it’s like with 3 kids!

  4. says

    Try some Annique resq creme and see if they do not go away. Yours sound like an allergy though.

    I try not to be too competitve on their behalf, but it’s tough. And well done on both.

  5. Chantal says

    Has he been in the garden, I once got a rash when I was in Jhb funnily enough called Natal Fungus i think…easy to clear up, but first try putting on coconut oil – its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. (buy the good organic stuff from a health shop)

    But I recommend seeing a dermatologist.

  6. says

    Rash could be anything but to be honest, I think you need to get some kind of anti-histamine ointment or syrup because it may be an allergy? Go to the chemist and show them the rash.

    Not competitive AT ALL. Probably a good thing with the kids that I have – I would have jumped off a bridge by now if I was super competitive. I should blog about this competitive thing and how it makes me feel – I encounter it a lot with other Moms.

  7. says

    My husband does not compete and my daughter is too young.
    I am not sure how I will be, as I totally believe it is all about the taking part and enjoyment of it and not so much about the competitiveness. That said – I do believe in giving it a good go and if I felt that she was not doing her best I would be on the sides jumping up and down screaming. Actually, if I am not taking part myself I am always jumping up and down on the sides screaming, even if I don’t know the people. Yip – I am one of those.

  8. says

    Seems like everyone had fun but tiger mom/wife :-) 😉

    I am quite competitive, but when I do things like races etc I do it more for the fun than anything else. I just go with the flow, have fun and take loads and loads of pictures to remind me of the event.

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