SAVF 108th Birthday – Colour a Life

I was invited to join the SAVF in celebrating their 108th birthday on Friday. They took us on a double decker open top bus to visit 5 of their facilities.

It was a really fun and informative day. The SAVF offer a wide range of services including frail care for the elderly, child care which includes day cares, foster care, adoptions and after school facilities and social development projects.

We visited their service centre in Ruimte in Pretoria North where all the elderly people who make use of the service centre were enjoying some cake and tea. This centre has been open since 1976 and provides the following.

“Care and support services to the elderly and disabled or frail people in the community, as well as in homes, housing schemes”

At each stop a hat was presented to one of the celebrities who also joined the trip. At this stop they handed over a very funky hat to David Fourie

It was then off to Soshanguve to the facility they have there. I have been to a few townships but it is always an experience visiting a township. Life there is so different to the life I know. What we all commented on when we stopped was how clean the streets and gardens where. Many of the gardens didn’t have grass but I think the sand gets swept daily to keep it so neat.

The facility in Soshanguve is a pre-school and an after school centre and they also have offices for the social workers who work for the SAVF to work from. Unfortunately I can’t post any of the pictures I took of the children because they are all foster kids. They put on a gumboot dance for us and sang their hearts out :)

A hat was handed over to Jasmyn at this stop :)

My last stop was at the Silverton Facilities – an old age home and a day care. In total the SAVF care for over 2000 frail care people and their cost is roughly R4000 per month per person. They don’t get anywhere near this amount from the government funding they get but yet they manage to meet the needs of all the people in their care.

Actress Lindie Stander accepted the hat at this stop.

Unfortunately I had to leave at this stop as I had to get to the school but it really was a great morning and it is nice to be invited to media events like this that raise awareness about what is happening behind the scenes to help those less fortunate in South Africa.

For more info on the SAVF you can vist their website, follow them on Facebook and Twitter. They have offices nationwide so if you would like to sign up as a volunteer then you can do so here.


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