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I lost my parking ticket this morning. My gym is in a shopping centre that has 2 hours free parking – so I never pay. I am usually anal about checking where it is etc but today it still go lost. Heaven alone knows where it is. So I had to pay R35 for a replacement. I was so annoyed with myself!!

Have you ever lost a ticket before?


We had a lovely weekend. Saturday was market day and Santa Shoebox and then home made sushi for dinner :) Sunday David had a race, we couldn’t find it so drove around for an hour and then gave up. Decided to try Northern Farms – disaster no 2 – the guys could ride their but there was nothing for Kiara, Jack and I to do so we decide to head to Rietvlei (after spending a small fortune on entrance and food) – I google Rietvlei and they do do breakfast but at R95 a head so we scratched that idea and decided to settle for Cappucinos. The rest of the day we spent studying art and doing Kiara’s project.

As we were eating dinner I realised I hadn’t cooked all weekend :) David had sorted all the meals – it is the small things that make me happy.

Today I went on another icing course – this one was a little more informative than the one I previously went on. I really don’t want to start baking as a career but I enjoy it and do basic food for our Pamper Parties so it is always nice to learn how to do things better and nicer. I really enjoyed it and was so happy with the cupcakes I iced :) I am definitely going on her decorating course where she shows you how to make a rose and a bear (and a few other things).

Cameron’s exams start tomorrow – first subject is art and music so we are knee deep in learning the 5 positions of the feet in ballet (????) and the animal orchestra (????) – I am going to be doing a post on what our kids are learning soon because it is shocking (well I think so anyway).

How was your weekend? And your monday? Eventful? Boring? Ordinary?


  1. says

    I have lost a parking ticket before. At Canal Walk. I had to pay R50 and I was livid! R50! Can you believe it? Daylight robbery. Lance also lost his parking ticket once. He made a scene (I was with and I was mortified and sooooo embarassed) and they let him go so apparently it helps to be a drama queen.
    My weekend was OK’ish. I felt a bit sick. Child2 as well. Today was a bit of a waste. We had a power failure for nearly 5 hours. I had nothing to read. So I filed. And re-arranged my desk. And labelled everything. And then I had nothing else to do.
    Gosh, I’ve never iced anything in my life. That seems so advanced!

  2. Rene says

    With my first pregnancy they thought something might be wrong, and my doctor made an emergency appointment at the gynae. I was so stressed and rushed going to the hospital, so after the appointment when I got back to the car the ticket wasn’t in the door where I remembered putting it. It must’ve fallen out when I opened the door. The security guard was right there when I parked, and watched me getting out, and he was there again when I got back in, but he did’nt say anything. I had to pay R100 for a lost ticket, and they made a copy of my drivers licence, and parking is free!!!!

    Oh, and everything was fine with the pregnancy.

  3. says

    I haven’t lost a ticket yet, but I have paid the ticket and then wandered around looking for my car so long that when I eventually got to the boom the ticket wasn’t paid up anymore. Gave the voice on the other end of the box an ear-full and they let me go at least.

    Why would they need to learn the 5 positions of ballet unless they’re actually dancing? Strange…

  4. says

    While I have technically lost a ticket, my niece was playing with my ticket after I paid for parking and in her wisdom (not) inserted it into somewhere we could not pick it out . So had to pay an additional R50. I was not a happy camper.

    I could not help chuckle at 5 positions of the feet in ballet and the animal orchestra. If we say the ballet is for flexibility, what in heaven’s name is animal orchestra :-(

    Weekend was busy busy busy from start to finish, just glad another weekend is almost here :-)

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