I lost my parking ticket this morning. My gym is in a shopping centre that has 2 hours free parking – so I never pay. I am usually anal about checking where it is etc but today it still go lost. Heaven alone knows where it is. So I had to pay R35 for a replacement. I was so annoyed with myself!!

Have you ever lost a ticket before?


We had a lovely weekend. Saturday was market day and Santa Shoebox and then home made sushi for dinner :) Sunday David had a race, we couldn’t find it so drove around for an hour and then gave up. Decided to try Northern Farms – disaster no 2 – the guys could ride their but there was nothing for Kiara, Jack and I to do so we decide to head to Rietvlei (after spending a small fortune on entrance and food) – I google Rietvlei and they do do breakfast but at R95 a head so we scratched that idea and decided to settle for Cappucinos. The rest of the day we spent studying art and doing Kiara’s project.

As we were eating dinner I realised I hadn’t cooked all weekend :) David had sorted all the meals – it is the small things that make me happy.

Today I went on another icing course – this one was a little more informative than the one I previously went on. I really don’t want to start baking as a career but I enjoy it and do basic food for our Pamper Parties so it is always nice to learn how to do things better and nicer. I really enjoyed it and was so happy with the cupcakes I iced :) I am definitely going on her decorating course where she shows you how to make a rose and a bear (and a few other things).

Cameron’s exams start tomorrow – first subject is art and music so we are knee deep in learning the 5 positions of the feet in ballet (????) and the animal orchestra (????) – I am going to be doing a post on what our kids are learning soon because it is shocking (well I think so anyway).

How was your weekend? And your monday? Eventful? Boring? Ordinary?