Every discussion about education in South Africa centres around the class numbers and teachers who have no control and similar related issues.

Rarely does it centre around WHAT our children are learning!! As my kids progress through the grades I am getting more and more concerned about WHAT they are learning.

Cameron starts exams today. His first exam is art and music. I can’t draw nor can I play an instrument BUT I understand what a rich subject this could be. There is so much to learn about our local art and music never mind internationally. What do they learn? The 5 ballet positions. My son has to learn how to place his feet for ballet. SERIOUSLY? WTF?

When I tweeted how much I find this subject a waste of time someone replied something along the lines of it sparking interest in a child who could go on to do great things in art – FAIR COMMENT BUT I am not convinced that this is going to spark an interest in ballet? For music he had to learn an animal orchestra – he had to learn the animals (11 of them) and their corresponding instrument – WHY? It has no value? It is simply learning the donkey is the strings and the duck is the piano.

In his Social Science book he has about 6 sheets on how to make clay!! REALLY SIX SHEETS on how to make clay!!!!!! Different sheets with slight differences but all about how to make clay? Is there nothing else age appropriate they can learn in this subject?

Kiara is currently reading a book about soccer. It is the most boring book ever – she doesn’t like soccer, she doesn’t play soccer – SHE is a SHE so why give her a very boy book? AND then why give her a British book where they call it football and the adults say “sod off”. Are there no other books out there?

In all fairness the maths and English (apart from the crap choice in books) they learn does seem to be adequate but there is more to life than maths and English.?

Are you kids in primary school yet? Have you found this?