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I took Kiara for a visual assessment today.

Before we started OT last year we did take her but they found nothing wrong. This was not your normal eye test though – it lasted 2 hours and they tested a lot more than just whether or not she can see near and far. Half way through the test the optometrist said “I just want to confirm that it is this and then I will chat to you”

Well let me tell you I have never been so glad to actually have something wrong with my child!!!

Without going into too much detail the main issues are – she has a slight astigmatism in left eye which makes the round letters – o, p,q, d, b stretch out so she battles to read them. When she tested her with a lens on to correct it she read much better!!!

The second issue relates to her eye muscles. Hers point inward too much so what happens is she battles to read, focus etc and tires easily because it is so hard. I physically saw this. When she brought the pen closer to Kiara I could see the one eye bounce away. When she placed the lens over her eyes and did the same test the difference was clearly visible!!


Obviously it is not as simple as getting classes and all our issues are resolved but it is going to make it better!!!!!

So she gets reading glasses and we start a visual programme next week which involves exercises to strengthen the muscles. We also need to find a remedial visual person in Pretoria who can work with her to improve her sight reading – she still spells every single word she reads.

Finally we have something to work with. Someone saying THIS is what is contributing to her issues.


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    Fantastic that you finally have something to work with. Those therapists who assessed her should be able to recommend someone in your area – ask them. Seriously though, I can hear how relieved you are.

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    It does help. My son struggled a bit in the first half of the year. A detailed eye exam found that he had problems with accommodation, convergence and tracking. He has finished his eye therapy and his teacher can see a big difference. All the best to Kiara.

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    So know you have proof that you have not imagining her struggles (coz I often think that as mothers we do imagine!). Yay. So glad to hear that you can move forward with a plan of action x

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