I am not driven by results. I don’t check my blog stats unless a PR company asks me for them then I will glance over them before sending but I removed the Jetpack thing so now actually have to go to Google Analytics and honestly it’s a mission and it doesn’t really bug me.

What does bug me, however, is the drastic decrease in comments over the last few weeks :(

I know a lot of you read through readers and often don’t have much to say – I get that – I am the same but still the volumes have really gone down.

I have rarely had a post with 20 plus comments and that is not what I am going for but do so enjoy the regulars who comment and ever now and then someone new pops in and it makes me feel good.

NO I don’t write for the comments – I write for me but the comments are nice. It means someone hears me and agrees with me or disagrees. I suppose in a way it is validation and some may say self indulgent but it still means a fair amount to me.

My life is far from hecticly exciting – most days I am consumed by the mundane chaos of every day life with a toddler who has an obsession with climbing, a kid who lives in Never never land and an over achieving tween, a ADHD dog, an over stressed bird and a hamster with ever growing growth and a triathalon obsessed fiance.

There are no sex scandals over here, no stories of wild parties, no crazy encounters – it’s all pretty average and pretty normal I am afraid.

Maybe I am just feeling a little sorry for myself :-p

What are your thoughts on this?