Wednesday Words

I am not driven by results. I don’t check my blog stats unless a PR company asks me for them then I will glance over them before sending but I removed the Jetpack thing so now actually have to go to Google Analytics and honestly it’s a mission and it doesn’t really bug me.

What does bug me, however, is the drastic decrease in comments over the last few weeks :(

I know a lot of you read through readers and often don’t have much to say – I get that – I am the same but still the volumes have really gone down.

I have rarely had a post with 20 plus comments and that is not what I am going for but do so enjoy the regulars who comment and ever now and then someone new pops in and it makes me feel good.

NO I don’t write for the comments – I write for me but the comments are nice. It means someone hears me and agrees with me or disagrees. I suppose in a way it is validation and some may say self indulgent but it still means a fair amount to me.

My life is far from hecticly exciting – most days I am consumed by the mundane chaos of every day life with a toddler who has an obsession with climbing, a kid who lives in Never never land and an over achieving tween, a ADHD dog, an over stressed bird and a hamster with ever growing growth and a triathalon obsessed fiance.

There are no sex scandals over here, no stories of wild parties, no crazy encounters – it’s all pretty average and pretty normal I am afraid.

Maybe I am just feeling a little sorry for myself :-p

What are your thoughts on this?


16 thoughts on “Wednesday Words

  1. Eh. My blog hardly ever gets comments. I don’t know if people read it or not. Doesn’t really matter in the end.

  2. Not into stats either, thank goodness. Can you imagine what that would do to my occasionally fragile self-confidence?
    I do hear what you are saying. I blog for me too but words of affirmation happens to be one of my primary love languages so yes, people commenting on my blog DOES feed into that. I have my FANTASTIC regular commenters who have become real life friends and then occasionally I have someone new and it just THRILLS me because really, I don’t even advertise my blog on SM – so they must have come from somewhere?
    I don’t know if it’s a time of year thing or an instagram thing (I read a blog post the other day from someone who says that instagram killed all blogging related matters for her) or what. But I do hope it passes at some point and that people become less busy maybe? I must write a post on the fact that I ALWAYS attract the busy types. Eish.

  3. well. I have plenty to say but lots of work so i’ll keep it short. Did you see my post on the organising blog? Imagine how demotivated I am with about 1400 regular readers and 2 comments on average (which means sometimes 4 and 2 of those are my responses :) and sometimes 0)


    Anywya, I haven’t commented on the gratitude stuff – it just doesn’t float my boat to have a gratitude journal (I’ve tried about 4 times in the last 2 years). I’m grateful but generally so. It takes something away from me when I’m super intentional about that. Weird!

  4. I think all bloggers are seeing a fall in their comments. I got people which stated their companies block blogging sites (this is what most people use to read blogs). But I do feel the same as you. It’s sad and frustrating to see that they comments have dropped, even on my blog :(

  5. My guess is everyone is really busy.

    Love the gratitude challenge. I try to think of all the things I’m grateful as soon as I wake up, before my mind is full of the thousand or more thoughts for the day.

  6. I’m just commenting to show you some love! Don’t always have time to comment, but I do always read your blog! xxx

  7. I read your blog quite a bit, admittedly not every day or every time you post, but generally a few times a week.
    i don’t always comment tho, most times the kids draw me away and I forget..

    it’s also the silly season :)

  8. Hi, commenting to show you the love! but the gratitude diary also doesn’t really compel me to comment?

  9. As a non blogger i love reading your blogs (actually there are a couple i love to follow. Its like mt own little “fix” i get looking into other peoples lives and getting to know them with out actually meeting them. I try and comment if i feel my input will help else i just read without commenting. Dont like the password protected posts cos sometimes i feel im intruding if i ask for password.

  10. No-one has ever asked me what my stats are and I generally don’t keep track either, but I know what you mean. I get warm & fuzzy whenever I get a comment on my blog. :)

  11. I read more blogs than those I comment on. I usually don’t just comment for the sake of commenting though (I would only comment if I feel like I am making a meaningful contribution). Maybe people are just busy, maybe they don’t feel like they have anything to add to what you blogged (or blog) about, who knows.

    Right now I don’t comment as much as I used to for a couple of reason, I don’t have internet at home, I am super busy at work, I got a new phone and for some reason most blogspot posts just don’t open on it and when I open with Opera Mini it is a hassle to comment and WP for some weird reason, I hardly get the text box to make comments.

  12. I think everyone is feeling the same Laura. I find it a bit odd when I run into someone and they start talking to me about what they read but they never comment – feels a bit one sided, but oh well – I guess it is what it is? I’m almost always a few days behind on commenting but I’m still here, promise.

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