Thursday Things

Today has been a rather glorious day :) I got to recharge.

The last few weeks have been go go go go go – there is always something that needs to be done during the day, cricket matches, galas, exams etc etc – today I had NOTHING to do and the kids have no extra muruals on a Thursday but do have early morning swimming. It was a calm day.

Back to the point of Thursday Things

  • I managed to break the 10km mark on the bike today. I cycle 20 minutes every day and have been aiming for 10km – the closest I have gotten is 9.91 but today I did 10.33km :) YAY ME!!
  • I finally got around to sorting my tax out and was so surprised when my tax lady sent my letter with a refund on it – a fairly decent recent actually! I am so stoked – it means Christmas gifts are sorted!!
  • I went to Sorbet for an underarm wax today (very relaxing…NOT) and booked a pedi special they are running – you get the pedi and a free facial!!
  • Tomorrow David and I are going to a Spa for the afternoon – I am SUPER excited.
  • We also leave for Sun City (well Rustenburg) tomorrow for the boys to compete in triathalons on Sat and Sun. It will be their longest triathalon so far. I am excited to be getting away for a bit.
  • OOOHH on my washing machine drama – it gets collected, gets fixed and gets delivered this afternoon – I put a load in and within minutes my laundry is flooded :-/ Phone the technician and he starts arguing with me – he is adamant it isn’t leaking – not sure where he thought all the water came from? They are collecting it tomorrow! AWESOME!
  • Yesterday Jack hit out the draining pipe of the dishwasher (it was exposed cos the washing machine was gone) which resulted in water everywhere which then meant the lights tripped!
  • Today the big kids were running (otherwise called doing nothing) and Kiara landed on my lounge curtains breaking the rod thing!
  • Our pool is STILL green – we have changed the filter sand, bought a new Kreepy, tried Blu52, taken water to be tested – it remains green :(
  • Cameron has two marks back so far – Maths 88% (I think he got Davids gene for this transferred via osmosis) and Social Science 90% – I am super proud of him.
  • We collected Kiara’s glasses and she says it’s a lot easier to read with and we are doing daily exercises. We see the Visual Therapist next week (Thanks Rina).
  • Jack is getting super cute now. He talks non-stop and has a pretty decent vocab going. He understands when we speak to him now but also chooses to ignore us :-/

That’s me all caught up and things today :)

How has your Thursday been?


  1. says

    You had a busy Thursday and I’m so frustrated for your part regarding your washing machine :( This is getting ridiculous.
    Those are great marks that your son achieved. Wow and well done to him.

  2. says

    Well done to Cameron! Those marks are excellent!
    I cringed on your behalf when I read about the wax…ouch.

    My Thursday was okay. Stupid group moved one of my deadlines sooner by a week so I had a fair bit of scrambling on my hands to get it done (they only told me about it on Wednesday). Today I’m more or less chilling and drinking hot chocolate while looking busy. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone. 😉

  3. says

    I’m so jealous about your spa day!
    Sounds like it’s been hectic… and we’ve (or rather Lance) been fighting with our pool too for a few weeks but thankfully it’s finally clear

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