This afternoon the kids were swimming while I cooked dinner. Kiara yells (as only she can) – MOOOOOOM! Did you know Christopher* broke his penis? It popped!

Apparently he was trying to lift another child with his legs and fell and popped his penis!

My neighbour was busy saying goodbye to her embroidery students who have a collective age of about 250 years old.

I am hoping little Christopher is ok!!

So I need some help with my 17 month old ball of energy. What is age appropriate “punishment” for him when he doesn’t listen?

I know he is pushing boundaries now but I am getting rather frustrated. He throws stones in the pool – we say no, we take him in etc he just ignores us. The other day he actually looked at me, threw the stone in and clapped his hands!!!!!

He has starting spitting – mainly when he is drinking but the more I say no the more he does it :-/

THEN he will pull a cute face or hug me or something that makes me melt a little.

What is age appropriate for a 17 month old?