I have started this post about 50 times – I get to the first line and then sit and stare at the screen.

My pms this month has really knocked me for some reason – I feel crappy. I am exhausted, miserable, teary, irritable and every other symptom known to women. It is about as much fun and walking barefoot across the Sahara with no sun screen, water or company.

Anyway moving swiftly along…..

I started my Christmas shopping yesterday. We still aren’t decided on what we want for the kids so I started with David’s stuff – I am 80% done and pretty chuffed with myself I wont lie! I have never ever bought anything for Christmas this early – EVER!!! I also have a gift for his mom, aunt and gran. Just call me ORGANISED!

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet???

Today’s gratitude – my domestic – I am grateful I can leave Jack with her knowing he is going to be safe and looked after!

How has your Tuesday been?