Gratitude – Day 13 and have YOU started your Christmas shopping?

I have started this post about 50 times – I get to the first line and then sit and stare at the screen.

My pms this month has really knocked me for some reason – I feel crappy. I am exhausted, miserable, teary, irritable and every other symptom known to women. It is about as much fun and walking barefoot across the Sahara with no sun screen, water or company.

Anyway moving swiftly along…..

I started my Christmas shopping yesterday. We still aren’t decided on what we want for the kids so I started with David’s stuff – I am 80% done and pretty chuffed with myself I wont lie! I have never ever bought anything for Christmas this early – EVER!!! I also have a gift for his mom, aunt and gran. Just call me ORGANISED!

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet???

Today’s gratitude – my domestic – I am grateful I can leave Jack with her knowing he is going to be safe and looked after!

How has your Tuesday been?


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    oh my gosh, this day sucked!

    We have ordered Kamika’s (well mine and she’ll get my ipad 2) through the FNB specials.
    I bought a play house for Tae from 5 rooms, she gets to colour it herself, as one that likes to draw on walls, i think she will enjoy this.. plus it was like 50% off when i bought it.

    We are not doing adult gifts this year.. saving up for a dream :)

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    I’m hoping to get a house for Christmas :D. I haven’t even given it a thought, I’ll probably leave it for the last minute as per the usual. Good on you for getting started.

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    I’ve had a super sucky day.

    But, I am 80% done on Christmas shopping. I started ages ago and have been shopping a lot on-line.

    Very impressed with myself (and you too!).

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    Well, I buy things anytime I see things I like and then stash them away. Problem is I usually end up with too many things at actual Christmas.

    So in a sense, yes.

    But properly, no.

    I have my lists though…. but I really want to go smaller and more meaningful every year. :)

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    Laura have you tried Solal 5HTP?
    It’s a natural mood enhancer and it’s really helped with my irritability, teariness, moodiness etc.

    The only gift I’ve bought is for our BFF’s. We bought them surprise Rodriguez tickets. I’m hoping to get Zoe’s present at Discount Cash & Carry, I’ve been told they stock talking Woody and Buzz Light Years. She has been asking for one for 2 years now.

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    Oh heck no I haven’t even started to think about Christmas yet. I don;t even know what we are doing for Christmas or New Year or the holidays at all!! So well done. I can echo the 5HTP comment btw helps me loads. BUT buy the Solal ones. I bought a cheaper version recently and it doesn’t seem to work and I swear the Solal ones did. I am going to try them again…

    ps I just blogged about maintenance and would love some input from you please.

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    I have not even started on the Christmas gifts – unless buying the Secret Santa gift for work counts! I have no idea what on earth to get for anyone!.

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    I have been buying loads of small cutesy things and need to make one or 2 small things then I should be done – best I consult my list. I used Evening Primrose Oil at one stage for PMS and it REALLY helped. Must make a plan to get back into that routine again.

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