Visual Therapy and Gratitude.

Today was a good day – in fact it was a freaking fantastic day!!!

I took Kiara for an assessment with the visual therapists. She answered ALL our questions about Kiara. I sat there going “YES she does that” the whole way through the feedback session. The short story is there is a problem with Kiara’s visual processing – her brain is working faster than her eyes basically.

Solution – therapy for 6 weeks and then we see from there. I can not explain the relief! We finally have some help for this poor child!! I LOVE the therapist. She was so great with Kiara and so great with her explanation of what the problem is.

Huge thank you to Julia and Cat for their assistance in finding the therapists who helped us. This is why I love blogging and being online – I would never have found the two therapists had it not been for blogging!!!!

So today I am enormously grateful that we have a way forward and that we can make Kiara’s life a little easier!


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    AH honey, I am soooo happy that I could help you and that you finally have some answers AND a plan going forward. I know what a relief that is. Onwards and upwards.

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    Oh gosh, I feel all happy and so very positive now! SO glad I could do a small little thing in helping you guys along – quite a few of the kids at the Princess’ school goes to her and that is where I got the number after soemone mentioned it might be worth taking L there when he is older.

    I am so totally happy that you found the answer to all!

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