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My little whine about comments earlier in the week was slightly hypocritical. My reader is bulging at the moment and when I do get to read I often don’t comment because I am a few days behind or don’t have time to open the post. I guess it is just how it goes sometimes!

A few things on Thursday

  • I have spent the week baking and getting Christmas goodies ready for a party happening on Friday – was so much fun.
  • Piping bags are my WORST thing ever! Both icing courses I have been on have shown me some great tips but still I invariably end up with a popped bag and icing everywhere.
  • We still have a slight dilemma about what to get the kids for Christmas. They want a Wii but I am loathe to buy yet another gaming console :-/
  • David is riding the 94.7 on Sunday!
  • My washing machine is STILL not working. They came and collected it today. (Julia not one word about Samsung :-p)
  • I don’t pay much attention to the news. I know enough to know what’s going on but I don’t have in detail discussions about it, mainly because the ostrich approach works well for me but these striking farm workers are upsetting. I mean do they honestly think burning down the very thing that employs them will get them more money? Argh!!! And I heard this morning Cosatu has called for a day of civil disobedience at the end of the month? WTF?????
  • Jack has been a challenge this week. He whines and moans constantly. Nothing seems to make him happy.
  • I keep forgetting to mention I have a new car – well it’s David’s old car – he got a new one. We are trying to sell mine. It’s the “biggest” car I have ever driven – finally the kids don’t have to sit squashed up against the window with all their bags :)
  • All Cameron’s marks are in – he has averaged a high 80 – which is super awesome :) Very proud of him.
  • I am looking for a brownie recipe – if you have one PLEASE let me know. All the ones I have tried don’t come out how I want them too. Preferably one with cocoa and not chocolate.

Now I have to log off, finish getting ready, head to gym, get the last of the Pamper Party goodies and then do the school run!!

How is your day going?


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    Firstly, a massive congrats to your son with his marks of 80. That is wonderful!
    I’m not even going to go into politics and what people do in this beautiful country ours. Makes me too furious.
    I can’t believe that you still have problems with that washing machine of yours. It’s terrible :(

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    Congrats to Cameron! Those results are FANTASTIC. You may as well buy each of them an ipad if you are prepared to spend money on a Wii? I’m upgrading my kids’ bikes and they’ll each get something smaller to go with that.
    Really, I have no more words about Samsung so no worries. Makes you wonder why their machines are always marked down. Awesome news about your new car too! This week has been a bit all over the place with Child1 and exams – thank the good Lord that the last paper gets written today. As for today, I’ve been distracted and making lists like crazy!

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    Congrats to you and Cam on his achievements – he couldn’t have done it without you!

    I would like Fiona’s Vodka Christmas Cake recipe – please?

    And yay to new car. I want to know what it is (yes, i know i’m nosey).

    re the news, i don’t watch it either and stick my head in the ground whenever i hear anything i don’t like. I like living in my world on my farm.

    Not sure how you’re coping sans washing machine – i would demand a new one.


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    I have a kickass brownie recipe that never fails and garner compliments from all and sundry… but I’m afraid it is EXTREMELY chocolate heavy. Let me know if you want it!

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