Gratitude – day 16 -18

It seems my Fridays are no-time-for-blogging-days. This Friday was Cameron’s interhouse gala and then we had a Christmas party at David’s mom’s office – it was a very merry affair!!

Yesterday I had a party in the morning and then we spent the afternoon with a colleague of David’s who is out here from the States – so no time to catch up.

Today David is riding the 94.7 challenge so I have an hour left before I make the mad dash to the finish line (this involves me sitting on the Gautrain, walking to the bus and then walking to the finish line all while my fiance pedals his way through Joburg)

So I am quickly catching up on my gratitude.

Day 16 – I was grateful that I was able to watch Cameron’s gala – all 5 hours of it :-p There is nothing like seeing the children’s faces when their parents/grandparents are cheering on at the finish line. It really makes all the difference to them.

Day 17 – Yesterday I was grateful for David and Cameron’s help in getting ready for the party. Cameron blew up balloons, David made heart shaped sandwiches and they packed and unpacked the car. Special boys they are.

Day 18 – Today I am grateful for PROPER gluten free crumpets :) I LOOOOVE crumpets but I have never managed to perfect a gf crumpet recipe until this morning. They were amazing!!

How has your weekend been?

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