My washing machine came back today – it is still not fixed. Another argument with the technician about it. If they do not fix it tomorrow I am going to complain to Samsung and then get Game to come and fix it. I actually have no more words on this subject!

In other news my wedding dress arrived last week and I took it today to my chief bridesmaid to try it on and so she can store it where David can’t see it :) It is perfect. Makes it a lot more real now!

It also made me realise I need to up my gym training. I have been following the routine from the bio but it is getting boring now and I am stronger and after seeing my fat bulging out of my dress I stepped up my training today. It actually felt good to push myself a little bit. David has an eating plan from the dietician that we are starting from pay day this month so hopefully that will help the cause.

I actually seriously considered entering the 94.7 challenge next year. I have never really done anything remarkable or challenging like that. We are planning to be pregnant this time next year but I could always start training anyway? What do you think? Have you done anything like that, that has pushed you?

When I chatted to my bio about physical fitness goals I mentioned climbing Kili and she said that was a pretty reasonable goal for me – it is something I would like to do but with this stuff not being free cycling the 94.7 seems more easily attainable.

What would you do if you had to choose something that physically challenged you?