Hows this heat! It really is getting unbearable!

I wrote a post a while ago about getting Cameron involved in some sort of formal sport training. I don’t appear to tag my posts properly so I can’t find it.

Anyway I have been toying with the idea for a while now. Do I push him? Do I leave him to find his spot?

Well after much internal searching because if we, as parents, are really honest with ourselves our motivation sometimes is more about us than about our kids, I have decided to push!┬áThere is a club that trains for triathalons so their training isn’t just swimming and I think this is going to work the best for us.

Cameron didn’t do so great in his interhouse gala – he was more disappointed than I was because he really had hoped for a trophy again this year. The other boys who beat him do extra swimming so they train harder and more often than he does – it makes a difference.

So I am going to start pushing a little harder. We started training this afternoon at our local pool and will do this all through the holidays and he can start with the club next year. I will admit I want him to win, I know he can do it but I also want him to win for him. It is important to him. He enjoys racing and enjoys winning but he has reached a level now where he needs to step it up!!

Do your kids do sport? Do you push them?