Gratitude 19 – 21

I have been slack with posting the daily gratitudes. Its hot and I just haven’t been up to sitting in front of the PC for too long.

Anyway this week I was/am grateful for

Monday – That David took the kids to school. It really isn’t a huge thing taking them but it is so nice when I don’t have to bundle everyone in the car, sit in traffic (all 15 minutes of it) on the way home.

Tuesday – We finally found a marriage officer last night. It has been a bit of a struggle so I am glad it has been crossed off the list!

Wednesday – That Jack is spending the night with his granny. He hasn’t slept the last 2 nights and this morning I was more than bleak! So I am very glad that he is spending quality time with his gran! As soon as I am home from fetching the big kids I am going to get straight into bed!!!!



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