Thursday Things….making me happy

Anyone know when this heat is going to end? I am OVER IT!

A few things making me happy at the moment

  • My gym bag – isn’t it pretty? I love it. It makes happy to look at it and makes me want to go to gym just so I can carry it around!!


  • My sewing machine – I have had it sitting here for ages because I haven’t been able to figure out how to thread it properly but today I took it to the Elna shop and she showed me how to thread it and use all the features. YAY!
  • The advent calendar my mom made!! Look at it – it makes me insanely happy.
  • Washi tape – I got my Christmas order from Pam and I can’t wait to use it!!! I have so many ideas.
  • My recipe note book. I had hundreds of pieces of paper with recipes on and the other day I say a pretty notebook in Mr Price Home that had recipes written on – I HAD to get it and now write all the recipes I want to try in there and they are all in one place :)


  • Notes like this written by Kiara on the whiteboard

What is making YOU happy right now?

PS – for some reason my month end grocery shopping came in under budget for the first time in months. PicknPay were having some insane specials. Hoping it was that and not that I missed something in my planning :)


  1. says

    I love this post. I may just have to go buy one of those gym bags…

    Love your mom’s advent calendar. If only I could sew.

    I need to ask nanny s to teach me how to use my sewing machine!!!

    Most of all, I love kiara’s note!!!

  2. says

    Oh gosh, there are just so much happiness here. SO where is the gym bag from – I need it? And I love the Advent calender. And Kiara’s note is so very precious! Love my washi tape too

  3. says

    All lovely things to be happy about! I especially like your recipe book. I have a few floating pieces of paper that could do with a book like that too – and I want to make notes about how it turned out when I tried it in the margins. Yip, putting that on my to-do list right now, thanks!

  4. says

    So much of pretty in this post! LOVE the Advent calendar. And such a special note from Kiara.
    I was in the Elna shop today and that woman NEARLY convinced me to buy a sewing machine. If I DO end up buying one (sometime in the future) then I will buy from them – they offer free sewing lessons with their purchases. Isn’t that cool?

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