Perspective? Reality? A bit of both!

My washing machine came back today and it works!!! It ended up costing is R500 – some clothes managed to get stuck somewhere and that’s not covered my the warranty – WHATEVER!!! It is officially the last Samsung product we will ever buy!

Today I spent the morning at the Boschkop Farm School to had out Santa Shoeboxes to 750 children. There were only 3 of us from Santa Shoebox but the whole school put on a small concert for us. They sang, danced, said poems and entertained us for an hour – it was so lovely.

Attending events like this always bring you back to reality a bit. The school grounds are immaculate! There are no grand jungle gyms or neatly marked soccer fields but what they do have is well looked after. They currently do not have a hall – they use the quad that is covered by that green shade cloth. During the show today each child carried their chair to the “hall” and then had to carry it back. My kids looked at me funny when I suggested it.

The government gave the parents the materials and the training they needed to be able to make the childrens uniforms. Isn’t that cool?

One little girl said the most beautiful poem of thanks to Santa Shoebox. She was so nervous but said it perfectly. So if you donated a box to Boshkop know that it was very much appreciated :)

Next year if you can I recommend trying to be a part of one of these parties. Seeing the difference it makes to these kids makes you want to buy more next time!


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