Getting my craft on…

I signed up for the awesome scrapbooking kits from Scrapkits and I LOVE it. They send you everything you need for 3 pages plus detailed instructions on what to do.

I was keeping up to date with them but got a bit behind so Sunday I caught up a bit and managed 2 pages. I love scrapbooking but am a little nervous to do a lot on the page in case it doesn’t look nice so I love that I can “copy” pages.

I also like that some of the pages “force” me to use photos I have had lying in albums for ages and aren’t just kiddy orientated.

This one is using photos from when I worked in the Kruger Park and Timbavati.

This page took me ages!!! I had to cut out all the shapes in the different colours and the photos but I was really happy with it.

I also wrapped the first gift :)

The main reason I bought washi tape was to cover a few of the millions of tea lights I have for Christmas. I made these ones to send to my mom to decorate her table with. Kiara and I are a little (ok a lot) sad we won’t be with them for Christmas.

And finally a quick 5 minute card I made for them to go with the parcel.

Tomorrow I start baking the biscuits for the teachers end of year gifts :)

Have you created anything lately?


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    I LOVE this! Have a bit of Christmas crafting planned this weekend. Love the tea-lights!
    That link looks interesting. I think I may sign up for 3 months of scrapbook kits.

  2. says

    Now I see one thing I can use washi tape for, to make decorative tealights :-)

    Your scrap book is lovely. Wish I had the patience for it, I am battling to even do a photobook because I find it time consuming :-( So I am certain a scrap book will drive me nuts 😉

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