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For the most part I am a “live and let post” kinda person. My followers and friends share stuff – some of it I agree with, some I don’t. Some if it I sit there thinking WTF is that about? Or are you mad for believing that.

But whatever, everyone is entitled to their beliefs and opinions. I rarely unfollow, defriend someone – I know whose links not to open or who to just scroll past.

Having said that though I am slowly loosing patience with people who post pictures of abused children, war victims, horrific accidents or ask me to like this page to cure cancer or save the rhino or whatever other crap they are sharing.

Sharing a picture of an abused child on your Facebook profile is more than likely NOT going to stop a child being abused unless you have friends who are likely to abuse a child?! Sharing that picture isn’t going to stop that child from being abused – that has already been done. Liking a page is NOT going to cure cancer, stop the war in Iraq.

I am all for raising awareness – if you want to do this then find an organisation that is actually doing something to stop abuse or save the rhino’s and share what they are doing, support them. Just because a page says “Save the Rhino” does not mean that is what they are doing.

Even better – take action. Do something tangible that will make a difference. Volunteer, donate, contribute something more than clicking a button.

I am not taking the high ground now and saying I am doing more than you or less that you or whatever – I am just asking to please stop thinking you can sit behind your PC and save the world from itself.

If you don’t believe me read this article.


  1. says

    Could’t agree more! I only share causes that are close to my heart and that actually have a call to action. Random sharing or liking is pointless! It’s like that stupid Face Book game with the bra size/colour in your status to raise awareness for breast cancer… as if??

  2. Denise says

    Im of the opinion that these pictures actually desensitize us and exacerbate the problem. I know that I for one usually scroll past and carry on with whatever I’m doing. I wonder though if these abused women, children, animals etc are simply being further abused by being pasted all over the internet and gawked at like a roadside accident?

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