I have avoided the scale for a few weeks now – it just upsets me. But I weighed this morning (after David suddenly declared himself the winner of our challenge and was pleasantly surprised to find I had lost a kg. YAY ME :)

If you are on Discovery you know all about the checks with the bio, dietician, clinic sister etc. David has done his and I did my last one this morning – it was a trip to the dietician.

A lot of what she said I already knew – I battle to keep my diet balanced with no dairy, egg or gluten. I don’t get much fibre in my diet anywhere. She has given me a few tips and ideas to improve my current diet which I started with today with a baked potato with tuna and veg instead of grabbing some biltong en route to fetch the kids. Lunch is my worst meal – I go to gym at 12h00 before I fetch the kids and then if they have extra-muruals on or we do chores we get home at 15h30/16h00 and then I cook dinner. So I have been buying biltong/nuts/chips either before or after gym and really that isn’t an actual meal. Basically I just need to plan my day better :)

I also need to up my veggie intake mainly to increase the fibre I am getting. I knew this. I do eat veggies daily but not enough.

I am glad we are “forced” to do these tests. Even if you aren’t trying to loose weight learning how to improve your diet and lifestyle is never a bad thing.

Apparently my waist measurements are a problem – I am in the red zone on her little tape measure which I also knew. I loose weight everywhere first and then when I am on my last legs I loose half a centimetre around my middle :-/

How does your diet measure up? Are you on Discovery? Have you done your tests?