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I have avoided the scale for a few weeks now – it just upsets me. But I weighed this morning (after David suddenly declared himself the winner of our challenge and was pleasantly surprised to find I had lost a kg. YAY ME :)

If you are on Discovery you know all about the checks with the bio, dietician, clinic sister etc. David has done his and I did my last one this morning – it was a trip to the dietician.

A lot of what she said I already knew – I battle to keep my diet balanced with no dairy, egg or gluten. I don’t get much fibre in my diet anywhere. She has given me a few tips and ideas to improve my current diet which I started with today with a baked potato with tuna and veg instead of grabbing some biltong en route to fetch the kids. Lunch is my worst meal – I go to gym at 12h00 before I fetch the kids and then if they have extra-muruals on or we do chores we get home at 15h30/16h00 and then I cook dinner. So I have been buying biltong/nuts/chips either before or after gym and really that isn’t an actual meal. Basically I just need to plan my day better :)

I also need to up my veggie intake mainly to increase the fibre I am getting. I knew this. I do eat veggies daily but not enough.

I am glad we are “forced” to do these tests. Even if you aren’t trying to loose weight learning how to improve your diet and lifestyle is never a bad thing.

Apparently my waist measurements are a problem – I am in the red zone on her little tape measure which I also knew. I loose weight everywhere first and then when I am on my last legs I loose half a centimetre around my middle :-/

How does your diet measure up? Are you on Discovery? Have you done your tests?


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    I am also on Discovery and usually do the test, although I have not done them this year yet. We generally don’t do the dietitian one as we get enough points because of all the races I do. I also think it is a very good thing to do the test once a year. I must go soon for mine.

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    I am on Discovery since last month and have not done those tests yet. I’m looking forward to them though.
    Did she tell you why you are in the red zone with your measurements?
    I know that your measurements of your abdominal area should be half and less of how tall your are, then you are okay with regards to heart attacks.

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    I am also on Discovery and also do all the recommended test at least once a year, this year though I did a second batch of tests yesterday (just because Discovery was in my office and I though why not) but I have never done the dietician test (I didn’t know there was a test like that)

    My diet needs a lot of improvements (I actually don’t need anyone to tell me this 😉 I do drink the recommended amount of water if not more, use low fat milk, skip sugar in my wheatfree cereal etc, have three healthy meals and 2 to 3 snacks in between on most days. The challenge is the snacks are not always the healthy versions. For example I would have a banana for one snack and then decide I wany doughnuts the next (which is not bad in the usual scheme of things, but I tend to over indulge when I eat junk food) ENOUGH SAID

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    Funny I was just thinking an hour ago while I was running that I MUST book my fitness assessment asap to get enough points to keep my diamond status! I’ve never done the dietitian one, but I eat pretty healthy anyway (just too much recently).

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    Yes we’re on diamond and the last couple of years haven’t needed to do the assessments to stay there but I think it’s so valuable that I go anyway.

    I just had my fitness assessment last week – I didn’t blog but I nearly died – it was brutal. I really need to increase everything exercise (this I must blog) but overall I’m great (younger than my real age). I do everything well except exercise which is the worst – you’re supposed to get in 5 times a week and I get in 2 in a good week, sometimes 3. And my diet is good on everything except like you, not enough veggies. And of course, my sweet tooth.

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    Congratulations on losing 1kg!! Thats awesome and no matter how big or small it in the right direction….DOWN!!

    I’ve done my tests, we’re lucky we have a friend who is a Bio. So she doesnt pass comment if the measurements are not great :)

    My diet is not as great as it used to be and especially now as we near the end of the year. But I have upped my exercise (Doing bootcamp) so I’m hoping to end the perpetual yo-yo of 1kg UP 1kg DOWN… mantra when I feel the burn at Bootcamp is: “Think Heidi Klum bumon the beach” and it keeps me going :)

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