Things on Thursday – Christmas wish list

I actually had a post written but just didn’t publish it.

I did my mini wish list for my Secret Santa but this is my list going straight to Santa :)

  • A blender! A kitchen isn’t complete unless you have a blender.
  • Scrapbooking albums. I bought a few a while ago but they are all full. I have pages with no home.
  • An apron – if my secret santa doesn’t get me one :)
  • A charm for my charm bracelet.
  • Cook books – any kind I don’t mind – cooking or baking.
  • Washi Tape – any kind (I blame this new obsession on Marcia)
  • A spa voucher – even just for a pedi or something small like that!
  • Scrapbooking and baking goodies would also be great to full my stocking.

There you go Santa – shop away my good man :))

What’s on your list? Please don’t say “we don’t do gifts” – humour me and think of something!!!



  1. says

    I will humour you, because we usually don’t do gifts :-) 😉

    Your list is very easy to fulfill, I am sure you can get everything on your wish list

    What is on my list this year (and I think it was on last year as well) is a Canon DSLR camera. I know big ticket item, but it is what I really want so I can stop using my phone as a camera 😉

    I am going to the Canon show today to see what’s new and hopefully I can make up my mind and get this camera finally 😉

  2. says

    We most definitely do Christmas Gifts.

    My list includes Tommy Girl perfume, a photo cushion, new Summer clothes specifically striped t-shirts (I’m crazy for stripes at the moment), a new lens for my camera, a gym contract, a new funkier blackboard for the kitchen. That’s all I can think of right now :)

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