I am battling a little with Jack! I know there are a book full of reasons why he is doing what he is doing and there is a library full of books on how to deal with it.

It doesn’t really make it easier.

This child has inherited his fathers stubborness and my strong will. He just blatantly ignores us! Every day we fight over the Christmas tree – he pulls the decorations off, I get upset, he ignores me and keeps pulling. I have tried distracting, smacking, shouting, removing – he literally laughs at me. Maybe I shouldn’t put a tree up now. Maybe I should just leave him. But the thing is I want the tree in the house and he is old enough to know he can’t destroy it.

He screams when he doesn’t get his way – not a cry but a scream. At moms and tots this week one of the little boys attempted to steal a toy Jack had. Jack screamed – the boy sprinted back to his mom he got such a fright. It was all very funny but not so funny when he screams because he wants your hot mug of tea or the knife out the dishwasher.

It feels like all I say is “NO Jack!” or “JACK! Get off there/Close that/Leave that”.

The kids are also battling a bit with it. Cameron deals with it better but Kiara has lost her patience a few times with him.

It really is not the best stage for me. This week was particularly rough and I questioned our decision to want another one.

I am taking comfort in the fact that he is with his gran this weekend and I can re-charge and get ready for the week ahead next week!!