We haven’t made it to the pool once yet but we have been having lots of down time which has been great. Today I got out of bed at 11h00 – the nanny asked me about 8 times if I am ok because she has never seen me act like that before.

The kids obviously don’t enjoy the calm as much as I do but they have been keeping me entertained (or concerned) with a few of the things they come up with.

Yesterday Kiara announced she can pick her nose with her foot.


She ran in to QPhoto while I was collecting prints and said “Cameron is sticking his FOOT IN MY HEAD!”

Kiara asked for some ProNutro just now – I assumed she wanted to eat it – HA! She made some sort of cake thing with it that is now in the freezer?! She is adamant she IS going to eat it.

It is a little bit of crazy here right now but I am managing to read my book, sleep late and still get to gym so I am going with the flow until Social Services arrive or it’s back to school – whichever comes first!!

How is it going in your house so far?