Things on Thursday – a few random things

I am sitting waiting for FNB to deliver my credit card (it was ordered 5 weeks ago) – they are supposed to be here between 10-12 – I am not hopeful but I will wait until 12 and then the kids and I have stuff to do. I really can’t sit at home and wait and wait!

After going around and around about what day it is I finally realised it is in fact Thursday so time for a few random things on Thursday.



  • I spent 2 days this week reading in bed. Much to everyone’s shock and horror. I may do it again next week.
  • I am having a small internal silent melt down about the wedding. The plan I had for the invitations is falling apart and I don’t really have a plan B but the invites MUST go out by mid January.
  • The kids have had a pretty boring holiday so far – there has been lots of movie watching, game playing and just chilling at home. I am taking them to watch Rise of the Guardians tomorrow – more movies but whatever :-p
  • The nanny goes on maternity leave tomorrow and I have told her not to send her sister in January – I am going to attempt to go it alone and see how it goes. The nanny is a sore point and her being here is actually a lot more destructive for my relationship with David than the value she adds. I also don’t want to get just anyone in her place because of Jack so the plan is to see if I can cope on my own!
  • Jack is full on in his terrible 2 stage! It is awful! I am ignoring it now and they seem to fizzle out quicker than if I try and figure out what the hell he is screeching for :-/
  • I am managing gym 3/5 days at the moment. I am missing my cardio days and do miss them but some days it is just so much nicer to stay in my pjs until lunch time.
  • I do meal plans and plan the shopping and last month was NO different than this month but EVERYTHING ran out the day David got paid (which was early being December) – HOW does that work? I have pushed it as far as I could because we can still eat 3 decent meals a day but this morning the dish washer tablets ran out so we are off today to get the groceries!!!

Tell me a few random things for Thursday!!


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    What a cute photo!

    So what was the plan with the invites? Can’t you McGuyver something together between now and then of equal value awesomeness? 😉

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    Love the photo of Jack and the cat :)

    Tell us about the invites – I’m sure there is a solution!!!!


    Connor SCREAMED at me in the toilet at work – just lovely! I’m trying to get them to take me seriously and I have a 3-year-old throwing a mini-tantrum….
    I’m addicted to Thornton’s toffees.
    All the stuff I ordered has arrived here – in time! Amazing :)

    okay that’s enough – back to work now!

    PS i would also love to hear about the nanny drama!

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    Tell us about the invites and the nanny drama? Maybe we can help? I’ve just posted a randoms list but I just realised one thing. I need to sort a gift for Child2’s teachers. Like right now. Because tomorrow is the last day. Am off to pinterest quickly.

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    I got up and got dressed, much against my own personal will, and came to work.
    I did feed my child and drop her at the holiday care, and wake up my other child and tell him to weed the Blerry Bank!
    Handsome Hubby is the energetic one (he exercises!!!)… I’d MUCH rather spend the day in PJ’s with a book – how the hell do you get that right with a two year old?

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    Do you need any help with the invites Laura? I know of a designer and most nights we share a bed too 😉

    PS Your cat is brave. Our cat who is 10 months old still keeps quite a distance from our not so “gentle” Zoe.

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    Awwwwww, that is such a lovely picture of Jack. Canvas worthy :-)
    Terrible twos (nope, more like TERRIFIC twos) :-) 😉

    There has to be a way out to sort out your invites. With all the lovely ideas on Pinterest and all the creative ladies in blogland, I am sure you will be sorted. Don’t stress about it, but get a clear head and decide what exactly you want. And I see Fiona has even given you one option

    Nanny woes, hmmmm, please tell more. I am cautiously glad that I have not had much issues in that area for some time now and I hope it stays like that.

    Thursday things (I know, it is Friday already) – I was busy busy busy busy at work yesterday, only left just before 9pm (not what I bargained for when I chose to work during this season), I am loving the empty roads and I wish everyone could stay put where they are and not come back to Gauteng (wishful thinking) :-) And finally, the lights on my christmas tree got sorted, so now I feel like Christmas is really here

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