I am sitting waiting for FNB to deliver my credit card (it was ordered 5 weeks ago) – they are supposed to be here between 10-12 – I am not hopeful but I will wait until 12 and then the kids and I have stuff to do. I really can’t sit at home and wait and wait!

After going around and around about what day it is I finally realised it is in fact Thursday so time for a few random things on Thursday.



  • I spent 2 days this week reading in bed. Much to everyone’s shock and horror. I may do it again next week.
  • I am having a small internal silent melt down about the wedding. The plan I had for the invitations is falling apart and I don’t really have a plan B but the invites MUST go out by mid January.
  • The kids have had a pretty boring holiday so far – there has been lots of movie watching, game playing and just chilling at home. I am taking them to watch Rise of the Guardians tomorrow – more movies but whatever :-p
  • The nanny goes on maternity leave tomorrow and I have told her not to send her sister in January – I am going to attempt to go it alone and see how it goes. The nanny is a sore point and her being here is actually a lot more destructive for my relationship with David than the value she adds. I also don’t want to get just anyone in her place because of Jack so the plan is to see if I can cope on my own!
  • Jack is full on in his terrible 2 stage! It is awful! I am ignoring it now and they seem to fizzle out quicker than if I try and figure out what the hell he is screeching for :-/
  • I am managing gym 3/5 days at the moment. I am missing my cardio days and do miss them but some days it is just so much nicer to stay in my pjs until lunch time.
  • I do meal plans and plan the shopping and last month was NO different than this month but EVERYTHING ran out the day David got paid (which was early being December) – HOW does that work? I have pushed it as far as I could because we can still eat 3 decent meals a day but this morning the dish washer tablets ran out so we are off today to get the groceries!!!

Tell me a few random things for Thursday!!