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I love action movies – I always have. I particularly enjoy the Marvel movies – Spiderman, the Avengers, Thor, Hulk – you get the picture. Cameron and I are busy working our way through them all and having loads of fun. I found him some comics at Bargain Books for Christmas which I know he is going to love.


A Facebook friend of mine asked about the appropriateness of the latest Spiderman movie for her kids. I was rather taken aback by some of the replies she got. Both my kids have seen it and apart from the scene where the uncle dies I didn’t think it was that bad. I have seen Disney scenes that are sadder than that scene was anyway.

One of the comments was dead against it because they felt the child would start jumping off the roof thinking that could “fly” like Spiderman does. In fact there were two similar comments to this. My initial reaction was “REALLY?” Followed by a slightly judgemental thought of “How does your kid manage to get onto the roof without anyone noticing?”

Then I thought my poor kids must have no imagination because neither of them have tried this and as you know, Spiderman has been around for years so they both know he shoots webs from his wrists and jumps from building to building. They have walked around pretending to shoot webs from their wrists though – I have done it before – it’s a pretty cool super power to have don’t you think? But they certainly don’t think he can fly.

The latest movie actually shows how he makes the device that shoots the webs out anyway so it’s pretty clear where they come from.


Have any of your kids tried something similar to this?

Even though I have sorted my kids gifts for Christmas this Spiderman toy for boys is actually very cute and really does shoot webs out. Doesn’t it look super cool?

Do you enjoy Super Hero movies? If you do who is your favourite? I am torn between Batman and Wolverine.


  1. deborah says

    im not much of a super hero fan possibly because i had my daughter before my son and he isnt yet old enough to watch those movies. my daughter prefers the fairies and princess and barbie movies she has watched batman and spiderman though with her dad and completely understands that what happens in movies stays in movies and isnt real. Andas much as there were some sad parts in the movie u cant always protect the kids from sad situations in movies. Hey even some of the fairy princess movies are sad and she will sit and cry watching some of those as well but watching tinkerbell and things like that also hasnt made her believe if she sprinkles fairy dust (which shops seem to have in stock) that she can fly

  2. says

    We are just hitting that stage and I will keep the real movies ( not animated versions) for later. But I am a bit of a Superhero fan. My boys don their Spiderman suits and do not seem to think they can fly?

    My favorite – Superman because he is such a hero

  3. says

    What are you asking? If any of my kids tried to fly because of Spiderman? LOL…no!
    I am not a fan but my DH is and I LOVE that he and Child1 can share this. My DH usually screens the movie first before allowing Child1 to watch it, just in case he feels it’s not suitable but I don’t think he’s ever NOT allowed Child1 to see something. Child2 could not care less about TV stuff although he likes Lightning McQueen. Like A LOT!
    Batman is a HUGE favourite in this house.

  4. says

    Zander was petrified when he watched the movie with me. I had to covert his ears and eyes. Poor kiddo. However the other two loved it. They also never tried to jump of my in-laws double story home….

  5. says

    My cousin jumped off a roof because he was playing superman…luckily only broke his arm. Actually his sister was also on the roof once and the fire brigade had to come get her off…she wanted to jump in the pool from there but got scared.

    I like Rogue from the x-men, but the animated one not the

  6. says

    I LOVE the superhero movies!
    I’m with you on people worrying about their kids trying something they think they’ve seen in a movie… If you are afraid your kids will be adversely affected by a movie, then don’t take them to see it. Age restrictions are put in place for exactly that reason. I also suspect these are the same people who see things that aren’t there, like the word “sex” in a puff of dust on The Lion King.

  7. says

    I am not a big fan of superhero movies. I think the last one I watched was probably some 20 odd years ago! I would think that if the movies are watched at the appropriate ages, there should be no attempts to jump. That said you can never put anything pass kids.

    I had a little chuckle at ” Then I thought my poor kids must have no imagination ”

    My response your kids are smart and very sensible and know better than to attempt to become spideman, batman or super man etc just from watching a movie

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