I am not saying this with pride but rather with a large amount of shame – I have eaten enough over the past 3 days to feed a small country for a year!

I did a lunch/dinner for the 5 of us on Monday. David’s mom did a HUUUUUUUGGGGE lunch for us on Christmas day and today we braaied with them. It has been meat, carbs, wine and a veggie or two! I am actually really glad in a way that I don’t eat dairy (no potato bake, chocolate or trifle) and gluten (no cake/biscuits/Christmas cake) – I don’t know where I would have put them to be honest!

But enough about food. In between the eating we have opened gifts, played on Cameron’s Wii, chatted, laughed, swum and just had a really chilled and happy time. It has been lovely.

I did miss my family a lot and when my mom called on Christmas Eve she was a bit teary and during our Skype chat I could see she was also a little emotional but we had a great time here and they had a lovely time there.

The kids were spoilt and loved all their gifts! I was also spoilt and got cookbooks, a food processor, perfume, sweets, a glass dome cake cover thingy and baking goodies.

Cameron got the Wii but he has been asking me non-stop for the 2nd book in a 6 book series he is reading and when he opened all 5 of them he was clearly VERY happy :) I managed to find this sewing machine set for Kiara – it is a small little sewing machine that comes with mannequins, patterns, fabric etc. She LOVES it.

Jack was miserable because we woke him up and took a while to get into the whole thing but has loved playing with all the stuff he got!!

So all round Father Christmas got the gifts spot on this year.

In a way I am glad we stayed at home as it has meant lots of family time which would otherwise have been split between the many cousins and aunts we have!

How was your Christmas? Where you spoilt?